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Title Langtang (Nepal)
Description A collection of songs, stories, conversation and history of the Langtang language in Rasuwa, Nepal. Audio recordings and some supplementary material. Langtang does not have its own ISO 639-3 code, so is categorised as (und). Recordings made by Rebekha Slade and Radka Kvicalova. Many recordings include BOLD-method careful respeakings and oral translations into Nepali. Archiving by Lauren Gawne.
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Rebekah Slade
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Region / village Rasuwa
DOI 10.4225/72/574B120949E4C
Cite as Rebekah Slade (collector), 2014. Langtang (Nepal). Collection LAN1 at [Open Access].
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Lauren Gawne
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140311 Dawa and Pasang talking View
140312 Tourists in Langtang, and song View
140313 Family, and traditional clothes View
140318 daily life, and songs View
140625 Kor lu (song) View
140626 Songs View
140711 Songs View
140712 Songs, Recipies, Greeting, Lama teachings, Childbirth, traditional story View
140713 Song, animals View
140716 Song, life in Langtang View

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