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AC2-INLSSA101 Sawunisch Woordenlisjt by J. K. Wingaarden Arthur Capell Sawu (Sabu) Indonesia 119 2016-03-18 View
AC2-INLSSA102 Bijdrage Tot de Kennis van het Sawusch Dialect by J. G. F. Riedel Arthur Capell Sawu (Sabu) Indonesia 3 2016-03-18 View
AC2-INSAWU101 Notes on Sawu Arthur Capell Sawu Indonesia 5 2016-03-18 View
AC2-INSAWU102 A Savoo-English Vocab Arthur Capell Savoo Indonesia 5 2016-03-18 View
AC2-INSAWU103 Li Hawu. The Language of Sawu Island Arthur Capell Sawu Indonesia 2 2016-03-18 View
AC2-INSAWU104 English-Hawu vocabulary Arthur Capell Sawu, Hawu Indonesia 4 2016-03-18 View
AC2-INSAWU105 Sawu story text Arthur Capell Sawu, Hawu Indonesia 6 2016-03-18 View
AC2-INSAWU106 Sawu grammatical patterns Arthur Capell Sawu, Li Hawu Indonesia 2 2016-03-18 View
AC2-INSAWU107 Addtional Sawu vocabulary Arthur Capell Sawu Indonesia 6 2016-03-18 View
AC2-INSAWU108 Sawu discussion Arthur Capell Sawu Indonesia 8 2016-03-18 View
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