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AC1-000 Report on Arthur Capell Estate by Peter Newton Arthur Capell Afghanistan American Samoa Australia Austria Azerbaijan Botswana Bulgaria Cambodia Chile China Cook Islands Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Ethiopia Fiji Finland French Polynesia Georgia Germany Greece Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Italy Japan Kiribati Korea, North Korea, South Laos Latvia Lebanon Lithuania Macedonia Madagascar Malaysia Marshall Islands Mexico Micronesia Nauru Netherlands New Caledonia New Zealand Nigeria Norway Palau Papua New Guinea Philippines Poland Romania Russian Federation Samoa Slovakia Solomon Islands South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Thailand Tonga Uganda United Kingdom United States Vanuatu Viet Nam Wallis and Futuna 1 2018-02-10 View
AC1-212 Kwamera (Sameria): Boy and Coconuts, Aniwa: Prodigal Son, Imreang: Boy and Coconuts. Arthur Capell Kwamera (Sameria), Aniwa, Imreang Vanuatu 10 2018-04-05 View
AC1-407 Aneityum, Kwamera, ??, Lenakel, East Tanna Arthur Capell Aneityum, Kwamera, Lenakel, East Tanna, White Sands Vanuatu 14 2023-05-16 View
AC1-417 Vanuatu languages Arthur Capell Omba, Aneityum, Raga, Kwamera, Lenakel, Fila, Tonga Vanuatu 12 2023-06-08 View
AC1-LT9 Languages of Tanna Island, Vanuatu Arthur Capell Aneityum, Kwamera, Lenakel, East Tanna Vanuatu 11 2018-04-05 View
AC2-VCOMVO201 Vocabularies of the New Hebrides languages Arthur Capell Aneityumese (Aneityum), Futunese, Kwamera, Weasisi (Whitesands), Erromanga (Sie), Efatese Vanuatu 5 2016-03-19 View
AC2-VCOMVO202 Bible texts in several Vanuatu languages Arthur Capell Nafsan Vanuatu 1 2016-03-19 View
AC2-VCOMVO203 Some word lists from the Southern New Hebrides by John Lynch Arthur Capell Nihvaal (Southwest Tanna), Southwest Tanna, Kwamera, Whitesands, North Tanna Vanuatu 30 2016-03-19 View
AC2-VCOMVO204 Consonant changes in New Hebrides languages Arthur Capell New Hebrides languages Vanuatu 1 2018-04-18 View
AC2-VFN12A Black notebook. Original material in unknown hand (probably a missionary), augmented later by Capell. Arthur Capell Eromanga, Tanna, Lenakel Vanuatu 64 2016-03-21 View
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