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AC2-VCOMVO204 Consonant changes in New Hebrides languages Arthur Capell New Hebrides languages Vanuatu 1 2018-04-18 View
AC2-VEFAT403 Texts in languages from Efate Arthur Capell Nafsan Vanuatu 10 2016-03-19 View
AC2-VFN14 Spirax notebook, N.H.I. (Efate). Arthur Capell Tangoa, Makura, Emae, Eton, Erakor, Fila Vanuatu 69 2016-03-21 View
AC2-VNEFAT104 Notes on Nguna-Efate dialects Arthur Capell Nafsan Vanuatu 22 2016-03-19 View
AC2-VNEFAT207 Notes on Tongoa language Arthur Capell Nafsan Vanuatu 2 2016-03-19 View
AC2-VSEFAT301 Notebook containing information about Efate and other South Vanuatu languages Arthur Capell Nguna (North Efate), Emwae (Emae), Fila-Mele, Futuna, Aniwa, Tanna, Efate Vanuatu 68 2016-03-19 View
AC2-VSEFAT303 Eton Sentences Arthur Capell Eton Vanuatu 4 2016-03-19 View
AC2-VSEFAT304 Eton texts. Language of Eton, North Hebrides. Arthur Capell Eton Vanuatu 2 2019-06-19 View
AC2-VSEFAT309 Prodigal son text in Eton Arthur Capell Eton Vanuatu 4 2016-03-19 View
BR2-001 Story about a snake and coconuts Rosey Billington Vanuatu 2 2021-04-13 View
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