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MMT1-20160711Bililuna Jack Gordon, Marie Gordon, Patrick Smith & Marie Mudgell myfany turpin Australia 110 2022-09-13 View
MMT1-20160716PO Interview with Patrick Jungarrayi Ooladoodi myfany turpin Mardu and Pintupi-Kukatja Australia 8 2022-06-18 View
MMT1-20170703a Interview with Hairbrush George Jungarrayi myfany turpin Australia 85 2022-06-18 View
MMT1-20170703b Interview with Patrick Ooladoodi Tjungarrayi & Charlie Tjapangardi Warlampirri myfany turpin Australia 48 2022-06-18 View
MMT1-20171005TiTree Interview with Joe Bird and Albie Ampetyane myfany turpin Australia 29 2022-06-18 View
MMT1-20171104KW Kathleen Kemarre Wallace myfany turpin English and Arrernte Australia 7 2022-06-18 View
MMT1-20171109 Iluwanti Ken, Rene Kulitja, Josephine Mick & Tinpulya Mervyn myfany turpin Australia 27 2022-06-18 View
MMT1-20171224NP Nellie Patterson myfany turpin Australia 45 2022-06-18 View
MMT1-20180501PH Bobby West, Alice Springs myfany turpin Australia 8 2022-06-18 View
MMT1-20180501SS Syd Strangways myfany turpin Australia 20 2022-06-18 View
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