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AC2-INSTH104 Notes on Language at Kupang Arthur Capell language at Kupang (Basa) and Vaikenu Indonesia 2 2016-03-29 View
AC2-OLVOC705 Timorese-Kopang-Belonese-Dutch Comparative vocabularies Arthur Capell Timorese, Kopang, Belonese, Dutch Indonesia 10 2016-07-06 View
AC2-OLVOC707 Kupang Text Arthur Capell Kupang Indonesia Libya 28 2016-07-06 View
AC2-TKUPA101 Map of Timor Island Languages Arthur Capell Kupang Indonesia 1 2016-03-18 View
AC2-TKUPA102 Kupang phrases Arthur Capell Kupang Indonesia 2 2016-03-18 View
AC2-TKUPA103 Kupang vocabulary and grammar notes Arthur Capell Kupang, Tetum (Tetun) Indonesia 4 2016-03-18 View
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