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ID Title Collector Language as given Countries # of files Modification Date Actions
AC2-INIJAK103 Comparative word list in Wokam and Uhir Arthur Capell wokam and Uhir (Aro Island) East Timor Fiji Indonesia Kiribati Marshall Islands New Caledonia New Zealand Papua New Guinea Philippines Solomon Islands Vanuatu 9 2016-04-12 View
AC2-TBUN101 Bunak pronouns, initial phonemes and prefixes Arthur Capell Bunak East Timor 2 2016-03-18 View
AC2-TCVOC101 Timor, Lesser Sundas and Moluccas comparative vocabularies Arthur Capell Proto-Austronesian, Abui (Alor Island), Fataluku (East Timor), Lovaea (Makua, East Timor), Makasai (Makasae, Central Timor), Buna (Bunak, Central TImor), Tobel (Tobelo, North Halmahera), other North Halmera languages, English East Timor Indonesia 3 2016-03-18 View
AC2-TCVOC102 Comparative table of grammatical systems in Bunak, Makasai, Fataluku and Abui Arthur Capell Bunak. Makua, Fataluku, Abui, Savonese East Timor Indonesia 1 2016-03-18 View
AC2-TETH101 Migrations of Timorese Groups and the Question of the Kase Metan or Overseas Black Foreigners by P. Middlekoop Arthur Capell Timorese East Timor 94 2016-04-06 View
AC2-TETNAN101 Comparative study of some East Timor languages (Draft) Arthur Capell Lovaia (Maku'a), Fataluku, Makasai (Makasae), Masarete (Buru) East Timor 5 2016-04-06 View
AC2-TETNAN102 Atauro - Portuguese vocabulary by Antonio Leite de Magalhaes Arthur Capell Atauro (Adabe) East Timor 15 2016-03-18 View
AC2-TETNAN103 Lovaia - Portuguese vocabulary Arthur Capell Lovaia (Maku'a), Fataluku, Makasai (Makasae), Masarete (Buru) East Timor 5 2016-03-18 View
AC2-TETNAN104 Lovaia, Fataluku and Makasai vocabulary Arthur Capell Lovaia (Maku'a), Fataluku, Makasai (Makasae) East Timor 3 2016-04-06 View
AC2-TETNAN105 Lovaia vocabulary Arthur Capell Lovaia (Maku'a) East Timor 4 2016-04-06 View
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