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ID Title Collector Countries Languages Creation Date Source university Actions
BR1 Rosey Billington Nafsan materials Rosey Billington Vanuatu Bislama Efate, South English 2017-09-12 University of Melbourne View
BR2 Recordings of the language of Eton Rosey Billington Vanuatu Bislama Eton 2020-03-13 View
BR3 Recordings of the language of Lelepa and Mangaliliu Rosey Billington Vanuatu Bislama Lelepa 2020-03-13 View
BR4 Rosey Billington and James Grama recordings of Bislama (Vanuatu) Rosey Billington Vanuatu Bislama English 2020-03-13 View
MB1 Rosey Billington and Jonathan Moodie Lopit materials Rosey Billington Australia South Sudan English Lopit Otuho 2018-03-07 University of Melbourne View

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