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Collection ID AM4
Title Lau corpus (Oceanic Solomon Islands)
Description Collection of nine texts in Lau.
Speaker: Francis Aruwafu
Recorded by Anna Margetts
Transcription, free translation and morphological glosses by Anna Margetts and Francis Aruwafu
Some annotations modified and added by Harriet Sheppard

Francis Aruwafu (author of texts)
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Anna Margetts
Originating university Monash University
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Region / village Northern Malaita
DOI 10.4225/72/56E8239940955
Cite as Anna Margetts (collector), 2002. Lau corpus (Oceanic Solomon Islands). Collection AM4 at [Open Access].
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000_Intro_to_the_collection Introduction to the Lau collection View
001 Lau-01-20-09-Anna View
002_Bride_price_Lau Bride price View
003_Day_on_Malaita_Lau Day on Malaita View
004_Dugong_Lau Dugong View
005_Fishing_Lau Fishing View
006_Frogstory_Lau Frog Story View
007_Gardening_Lau Gardening View
008_Housebuilding_Lau House Builidng View
009_Police_station_Lau Police Station View

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