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Title About musical instruments
Description About musical instruments; he talked about the flutes – one with 3 holes (lapa chu or pürü chu) and 7 holes (chu son); he also discussed 4 types of jaw harps. The ones without the string are played by men, the ones with string are played by women. The one played by the men has two types, one has a long striking piece and the other has a longer pointed striking piece. The one with string, one has one moving part, and the other had two moving parts. The general is name is lepu. We asked about the log drums and he said they don’t have it, but they do have gongs of different types. He mentioned three types, measured by the the hop ‘thumb to index finger’ and the largest one was 10 hop, the middle one 5 or 6 hop and the small one was 2. With that he explained how it was played. The largest one starts and then the smallest one follows it and the middle one does the regular rhythm. (This was demonstrated later). And then the question was asked whether they have the split bamboo instrument like the Raqnu. They don’t use that but they have bamboo tube zither. It is described and named in the recording. Continued as nstrin20190111_04SMJ_Musical.mp4
Origination date 2019-01-11
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Stephen Morey
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Language as given Rinkhu Tangsa
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Dialect Rinkhu Tangsa
Region / village Padumong village, Khamti, Myanmar
Originating university La Trobe University
Operator Tina Gregor
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Roles Stephen Morey : researcher
Jürgen Schöpf : researcher
Mityup Hachon : consultant
DOI 10.26278/9TKC-HB11
Cite as Stephen Morey (collector), Stephen Morey (researcher), Jürgen Schöpf (researcher), Mityup Hachon (consultant), 2019. About musical instruments. MP4/MXF. SDM56-nstrin20190111_03SMJ_Musical at
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Collection ID SDM56
Collection title Rinkhu variety, Tangsa/Tangshang (India/Myanmar)
Description Audio and Video recordings of the Rinkhu variety of Tangsa ISO639: 3: NST (also known as Tase Naga), spoken in India and Myanmar. Includes word lists, sentence elicitation, ethnographic information, stories and songs.
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Tina Gregor
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