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Collection ID SDM56
Title Rinkhu variety, Tangsa/Tangshang (India/Myanmar)
Description Audio and Video recordings of the Rinkhu variety of Tangsa ISO639: 3: NST (also known as Tase Naga), spoken in India and Myanmar. Includes word lists, sentence elicitation, ethnographic information, stories and songs.
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Stephen Morey
Operator Tina Gregor
Originating university La Trobe University
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DOI 10.26278/S7ZH-AR47
Cite as Stephen Morey (collector), 2018. Rinkhu variety, Tangsa/Tangshang (India/Myanmar). Collection SDM56 at [Open Access].
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Tina Gregor
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nstrin20181226_01SMH_Saqwi Meaning of Saqwi Song View
nstrin20181226_02SMH_Saqwi Meaning of Saqwi Song View
nstrin20181226_03SMH_Saqwi Meaning of Saqwi Song View
nstrin20190111_01SMJ_History Rinkhu History View
nstrin20190111_02SMJ_Songs About Rinkhu songs View
nstrin20190111_03SMJ_Musical About musical instruments View
nstrin20190111_04SMJ_Musical About musical instruments View
nstrin20190111_05SMJ_Gongs Gongs Performance View

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