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Collection ID ROHP2
Title Oral History Recordings
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Laurence Stubbs
Originating university University of Melbourne
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DOI 10.26278/0FBX-AX12
Cite as Laurence Stubbs (collector), 1987. Oral History Recordings. Collection ROHP2 at [Open Access].
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92502 Marriage, childbirth, and other historical stories View
92503 Stories about Nulu clan and Vitu clan and other material View
92504 Stories and a sermon from Pienuna and Buri villages View
92506 Various stories from Panakera, Jekop Kolin, Timote Nake, Alekera View
92507 Traditional stories including girls at Piropiro and giant stories View
92508 Oral history and traditional stories in Kubokota and Keara View
92509 Apusae Bei describing traditional practices View
92510 Apusae Bei describing traditional practices View
92511 Panakera elicitation session View

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