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Title Interview with Patrick Ooladoodi Tjungarrayi & Charlie Tjapangardi Warlampirri
Description 3 July 2017

Kiwirrkura. Outside Patrick Ooladoodi's house, Ben Deacon and Myfany Turpin with:

Patrick Ooladoodi Tjungarrayi
Charlie Tjapangardi Warlampirri (one of the Pintupi 9)
Janelle Larry Napaljarri (interpreter) (JL)
? Nangala
(Another two men came and went)

Listening to Moyle Aus 076, 080, 081
Recorded on zoom with radio mic on Charlie and zoom XY mic pointed at Patrick


20170703-1_Tr1.WAV (SAME) 20170703-1_TrLR.WAV

Recorded on zoom X Y channels and third channel with lapel mic on Charlie for file 1.

20170703-1_Tr1.WAV - translated pintupi in here with Kay 15/10/2019


20170703-1_.WAV with Jeff Hulcombe 2019, Sept. and then with KayZimran 15 Oct 2019

Yawulyurru got wives from Lake Mackay.
PO lists his 3 Nampijinpa wives:

Wamiya Nampijinpa
Nginana Nampijinpa
Pampartu Nampijinpa

Wintjiya young wife, Napaljarri, for another man. Kuringi Japangardi

People around Jupiter Well. they bin singing that way and he is coming back.

He is coming back to Nyinmi (outstation). There is a tap and water there. They bin come back to Nyinmi. (Nyinmi is just to the east of Jupiter Well, west of Lake Mackay).
Origination date 2017-07-03
Origination date free form 3 July 2017
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myfany turpin
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Originating university University of Sydney
Operator Jodie Kell
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Discourse type interactive_discourse
DOI 10.26278/XTE2-YV88
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Collection ID MMT1
Collection title Interviews about the Wanji-wanji ceremony, a travelling corroboree of inland Australia
Description Interviews and playings of legacy recordings of Wanji-wanji an Aboriginal travelling song popular in the western half of Australia in the early 20th Century.
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