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Title Languages of Southern New Guinea: Lä
Description Recordings of the Lӓ language [læn], recorded in the coastal village of Tais in Western Province, PNG. Tais is not where this language is spoken.

Speakers present, representing almost all people who still know the language well: Karmi Yaki (m), Nabaya Yəwane (m), Tom Məni (m), Garmae Gӓl (m; Community Leader), Saroka Jakayo (f), Mӓvu Werai (f), Bunai Are (m), Selina Kimae (f).

Jimmy Nébni, a multilingual speaker from Bimadbn Village, explains to the participants what the recording event will be about, and he then acts as translator for the group.

See p. 59 of N2013 for details, plus pages before and after for transcriptions of the various material recorded on this day, the only day focussing on the language – parts of the basic word list, plus excursuses gathering various bits of grammatical material.
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Nicholas Evans
Operator Julia Colleen Miller
Originating university Australian National University
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Region / village Morehead District, Western Province
DOI 10.4225/72/56E978FCD4C6A
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