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Collection ID IRS01
Title Indo-Portuguese (Sri Lanka)
Description Mostly from my 1973-4 field trip to Batticaloa.
Elicitation tapes; free conversations; songs and music.
Language Note: Although the current ethnologue language categories provide a single code covering all "Indo-Portuguese", it has been recognized since the time of Schuchardt that the northern "Norteiro" varieties differ from the southern ones. Sri Lanka Portuguese is structurally quite different from the Norteiro varieties of Daman, Diu and Korlai, and would certainly be mutually unintelligible (though this statement has not been tested). I am currently documenting the differences and will be applying to have the current code "idb" retired and replaced by two (or more?) codes that reflect the linguistic differences.
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Ian Russell Smith
Operator Aidan Wilson
Originating university University of Sydney
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Region / village Sri Lanka
DOI 10.4225/72/56E825242DE0C
Cite as Ian Russell Smith (collector), 1973. Indo-Portuguese (Sri Lanka). Collection IRS01 at [Open Access].
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SLP07 Elicitation session summaries Jul. 74 and misc. View
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