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Collection ID DS1
Title Recordings of Paluai
Description Recordings of the Paluai language collected by Dineke Schokkin between 2010-2015, with an additional four recordings from 1995 by Ton Otto. This language is spoken on Baluan Island in Manus Province, Papua New Guinea.

Project funded by the Firebird Foundation for Anthropological Research and the ARC.
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Dineke Schokkin
Operator Tina Gregor
Originating university James Cook University
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Region / village Baluan Island
DOI 10.26278/5df25608c0f9f
Cite as Dineke Schokkin (collector), 1995. Recordings of Paluai. Collection DS1 at [Open Access].
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Dineke Schokkin
Wolfgang Barth
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052b Two young men talking View
AK160411_1 Making grass skirts View
AK160411_2 Making coconut leaf baskets View
ANK020995 Meeting Ton View
BK040311 Paluai customs View
CA020711 Reading sentences View
CA120211_1 Frying sago View
CA120211_2 Boiling coconut oil View
Chant_kolorai_1 Kolorai: asowong poron puai View
Chant_kolorai_2 Kolorai: cutting the bush at Lipan View

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