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Title Cathy Samun Wiliang Buai and song Tabudape
Description Cathy Samun Wiliang talks about the importance of betel nut (buai) crops in Matukar. She also sings the chours of the song "Tabudape" (Let's meet), a church hymn written in Matukar Panau and Tok Pisin languages. There is also a separate video and audio file of Cathy singing the hymn in its entirety. Funded by the Firebird Foundation for Anthropological Research.
Origination date 2013-04-12
Origination date free form
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Danielle Barth
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Originating university University of Oregon
Operator Julia Colleen Miller
Data Categories primary text
Data Types Sound
Discourse type narrative
DOI 10.4225/72/5989e019174c0
Cite as Danielle Barth (collector), 2013. Cathy Samun Wiliang Buai and song Tabudape. XML/HTML/MP4/MXF/WEBM/MPEG/PDF/X-WAV/JPEG/TIFF. DGB1-2013_006 at
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DGB1-2013_006-Cathy_Samun_Wiliang_Buai_and_Tabudape_2020_OCT.eaf application/xml 392 KB
DGB1-2013_006-Cathy_Samun_Wiliang_Buai_and_Tabudape_20210528.eaf application/xml 80.3 KB
DGB1-2013_006-Cathy_Samun_Wiliang_Buai_and_Tabudape_Chorus_html.txt text/html 462 KB
DGB1-2013_006-Cathy_Samun_Wiliang_Buai_and_Tabudape_Chorus_SUBTITLED.mp4 video/mp4 1.19 GB 00:03:52.400
DGB1-2013_006-Cathy_Samun_Wiliang_Buai_and_Tabudape_Chorus_SUBTITLED.mxf application/mxf 7.48 GB
DGB1-2013_006-Cathy_Samun_Wiliang_Buai_and_Tabudape_Chorus_SUBTITLED.webm video/webm 282 MB 00:03:52.400
DGB1-2013_006-Cathy_Samun_Wiliang_Buai_and_Tabudape_Chorus_v2_20210528.eaf application/xml 399 KB
DGB1-2013_006-Cathy_Samun_Wiliang_Buai_and_Tabudape_Chorus_v2.eaf application/xml 382 KB
DGB1-2013_006-Cathy_Samun_Wiliang_Buai_and_Tabudape_Chorus.eaf application/xml 9.68 KB
DGB1-2013_006-Cathy_Samun_Wiliang_Buai_and_Tabudape_Chorus.mp3 audio/mpeg 1010 KB 00:01:04.287
DGB1-2013_006-Cathy_Samun_Wiliang_Buai_and_Tabudape_Chorus.mp4 video/mp4 2.54 GB 00:03:52.246
DGB1-2013_006-Cathy_Samun_Wiliang_Buai_and_Tabudape_Chorus.mxf application/mxf 16.3 GB
DGB1-2013_006-Cathy_Samun_Wiliang_Buai_and_Tabudape_Chorus.pdf application/pdf 133 KB
DGB1-2013_006-Cathy_Samun_Wiliang_Buai_and_Tabudape_Chorus.wav audio/x-wav 35.6 MB 00:01:04.272
DGB1-2013_006-Cathy_Samun_Wiliang_Buai_and_Tabudape_Chorus.webm video/webm 282 MB 00:03:52.231
DGB1-2013_006-Cathy_Samun_Wiliang_Sing_Sing_Tabudape_SUBTITLED.mp4 video/mp4 350 MB 00:01:01.719
DGB1-2013_006-Cathy_Samun_Wiliang_Sing_Sing_Tabudape_SUBTITLED.mxf application/mxf 2.01 GB
DGB1-2013_006-Cathy_Samun_Wiliang_Sing_Sing_Tabudape_SUBTITLED.webm video/webm 74.8 MB 00:01:01.719
DGB1-2013_006-Cathy_Samun_Wiliang_Sing_Sing_Tabudape_v2_2020_OCT.eaf application/xml 78.6 KB
DGB1-2013_006-Cathy_Samun_Wiliang_Sing_Sing_Tabudape_v2.eaf application/xml 65.7 KB
DGB1-2013_006-Cathy_Samun_Wiliang_Sing_Sing_Tabudape.eaf application/xml 53.4 KB
DGB1-2013_006-Cathy_Samun_Wiliang_Sing_Sing_Tabudape.mp3 audio/mpeg 3.56 MB 00:03:53.900
DGB1-2013_006-Cathy_Samun_Wiliang_Sing_Sing_Tabudape.mp4 video/mp4 728 MB 00:01:01.561
DGB1-2013_006-Cathy_Samun_Wiliang_Sing_Sing_Tabudape.mxf application/mxf 4.33 GB
DGB1-2013_006-Cathy_Samun_Wiliang_Sing_Sing_Tabudape.wav audio/x-wav 129 MB 00:03:53.895
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Collection Information
Collection ID DGB1
Collection title Matukar Panau Language Documentation
Description Recordings collected during 2010-2020 for language documentation. Includes traditional stories, descriptions of traditional practices, family stories, songs, myths and procedural texts including narration of videos of typical village activities.
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