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Collection ID DGB1
Title Matukar Panau Language Documentation
Description Recordings collected during 2010-2020 for language documentation. Includes traditional stories, descriptions of traditional practices, family stories, songs, myths and procedural texts including narration of videos of typical village activities.
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Danielle Barth
Operator Julia Colleen Miller
Originating university Australian National University
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DOI 10.4225/72/56E97A2420C64
Cite as Danielle Barth (collector), 2010. Matukar Panau Language Documentation. Collection DGB1 at [Open Access].
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2010_001 Life Story of Sel Pain Wadom View
2010_002 Life Story of Thomas Taleu Kreno View
2010_003 Life Story of Berry Kuyau Barui View
2010_004 Matukar Now and Before View
2010_005 Elicitation Sessions from 2010 View
2011_001 Snake Mythology Story View
2011_002 Life Story of Peter Ratan Barui View
2011_003 Dador mythology in Tok Pisin View
2011_004 Turning Sago View
2011_005 Cava Preparation View

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