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Collection ID CS3
Title Ende Recordings
Description A collection of recordings in and/or related to the Ende language and Ende Tribe of Western Province, Papua New Guinea. Transcripts, translations, and glossing are provided for selected recordings.
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Catherine Scanlon
Originating university University of California, Santa Barbara
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Region / village Limol, Western Province
DOI 10.26278/5d6e8e0bb0ed2
Cite as Catherine Scanlon (collector), 2018. Ende Recordings. Collection CS3 at [Open Access].
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Catherine Scanlon
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20180828_WELCOME Welcome song View
20180829_BANDICOOT Hunting for bandicoots with the dogs View
20180829_CUSCUS Cuscus and dog—best friends View
20180829_GRASSLAND Going to the grassland View
20180829_KARAMA Going to Karama, fishing View
20180829_LUMBA Lumba sale a (Water jumping song) View
20180829_REALLIFE Real life View
20180829_ROOSTER Wallaby and rooster (friends) View
20180829_TURTLE Turtle and wallaby View
20180830_ANYKEANYKE Anykeanyke (telling stories to the children) View

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