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Collection ID ALB01
Title Recordings of Ahtena (United States)
Description A collection of elicitation and narrative in Ahtena (United States)
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Andrea Berez
Operator Andrea Berez
Originating university University of California, Santa Barbara
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DOI 10.4225/72/56E7A759B570F
Cite as Andrea Berez (collector), 1964. Recordings of Ahtena (United States). Collection ALB01 at [Closed Access].
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Andrea Berez
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001 Markle Pete narrating to book 'Frog, Where Are You?' View
002 Markle Pete talking about loss of Ahtna culture and language. View
003 Markle Pete, Virginia Pete and Jeannie Maxim discuss a recording from 1980s by Martha Jackson telling "Bac'its'aadi" story. Kari Shaginoff and Andrea Berez are present. View
004 Recording of a session with Markle Pete. Jim Kari eliciting. Andrea Berez and Kari Shaginoff also present. Mostly spot-checking some recordings for Jim Kari. View
005 Recording of a session with Virginia Pete. Verb paradigms. View
006 Recording of a Session with Markle Pete. Mostly spot-checking recordings with Jim Kari, including Mr. Pete's two recordings of "Nekon' Tsnestnak/Our Fire Has Gone Out". View
007 Elders luncheon held in Gulkana Village. Discussion of potlatch etiquette in preparation for the Ahtna Cultural Summit to be held on May 28-29 2009. View
008 Recording of a session with Virginia Pete. Verb paradigms, including 'hug', 'kiss', 'shake hands', 'be happy to see X', 'give away', free pronouns. View
009 Recording of session with Markle Pete. Paradigms 'boil', 'drink hot liquid', new postposition for 'together', 'love/like/don't like'. View
010 Recording of a session with Markle Pete. Paradigms 'cleaning', 'sleeping'. View

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