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RB2-20120810_11 Performance of a mamurrng (exchange) ceremony for Reuben Brown, research team and families at Warruwi led by Inyjalarrku (mermaid) and Yanajanak (stone country spirits) groups. Reuben Brown Mawng|Amurdak|spirit language|Marri Tjavin|Manangkardi Australia 679 2022-12-13 View
RB2-20121103 Performance and discussion of Marrwakara (goanna) and Mirrijpu (seagull) songs and dreaming stories from Goulburn Island Reuben Brown Manangardi|Mawng|spirit language|English Australia 317 2022-08-16 View
RB2-20121103_05 David and Jenny Manmurulu listen and comment on recordings of Warruwi Mamurrng ceremony for Reuben Brown Reuben Brown Mawng|Amurdak|spirit language|English Australia 5 2022-12-13 View
RB2-20121104 Solomon Nangamu and Harold Warrabin discuss Marrwakara and 'Long Grass Man' songs Reuben Brown Mawng|spirit language|English Australia 11 2022-08-16 View
RB2-20121201 Discussion of Mamurrng ceremony and performance of Mirrijpu and Inyjalarrku songs at Symposium of Indigenous Music and Dance Reuben Brown Mawng|Amurdak|Manangkardi|spirit language|English|Marri Tjevin Australia 49 2022-12-13 View
RB2-20121204 ARC 'Intercultural Enquiry' research team and songmen present on funerals and western Arnhem Land song at Musicological Society of Australia Annual Conference Reuben Brown Manangkardi|Mawng|Kunwinjku|Kun-barlang spirit language|English|Amurdak Australia 19 2022-12-13 View
RB2-20130912 Discussion of manyardi metalanguage Reuben Brown Mawng|English|spirit language Australia 2 2022-12-13 View
RB2-20130914 Karrbarda (long yam) and Mirrijpu (seagull) songs performed at Mahbilil Festival 2013 Reuben Brown Manangkardi|Mawng|Kunwinjku|Kun-barlang spirit language|English Australia 53 2022-08-16 View
RB2-20131107_01 Mirrijpu (seagull) and Inyjalarrku (mermaid) performance for 'Language Matters' film Reuben Brown Manangkardi|Mawng|spirit language Australia 67 2022-12-13 View
RB2-20160620 Narration of 1948 films in Kunwinjku, Kunbarlang and Mawng Reuben Brown Kunwinjku|Kunbarlang|English|Mawng 9 2022-12-13 View
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