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AC2-VEFAT502 Tusi Nafausien ni Nafisna Uia Ni Atua Efate Arthur Capell Efatese Vanuatu 16 2019-01-09 View
AC2-VFN12C Black notebook. Original material in unknown hand (probably a missionary), augmented later by Capell. Arthur Capell Guna Efate Vanuatu 4 2019-01-09 View
AC2-VFN15 Spirax note book, N.H. III. Arthur Capell Efate South, Efate North Vanuatu 87 2018-02-14 View
AC2-VMAK203 Letter from Nancy H. Clark about Tongoa Island Languages III Arthur Capell Namakura, Nguna (North Efate) Vanuatu 2 2016-03-19 View
AC2-VNEFAT101 Letters from D. Macdonald about Havannah Harbour language and customs Arthur Capell Havannah Harbour, Lelepa, Nguna Vanuatu 29 2016-03-19 View
AC2-VNEFAT102 Letter from Peter Milne about Nguna language and people Arthur Capell Nguna (North Efate) Vanuatu 12 2016-03-19 View
AC2-VNEFAT104 Notes on Nguna-Efate dialects Arthur Capell Nafsan Vanuatu 22 2016-03-19 View
AC2-VNEFAT105 Supplementary grammatical materials on Nguna Arthur Capell Nguna (North Efate), Fila-Mele Vanuatu 5 2016-03-19 View
AC2-VNEFAT106 The story of the coconuts in Tongoa language Arthur Capell Tongoa (North Efate) Vanuatu 2 2016-03-19 View
AC2-VNEFAT107 Psalms in an unidentified language Arthur Capell Efate, North Vanuatu 5 2018-02-14 View
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