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AC2-FIJ006 Grammar of Nadrogā Arthur Capell Fiji 256 2016-07-06 View
AC2-FIJ007 Notes for a new Fijian dictionary. 1941. Arthur Capell Fiji 56 2016-07-06 View
AC2-FIJ008 Notes for Textbook comparing the dialects of Fiji Arthur Capell Fiji 326 2016-07-06 View
AC2-FIJ009 Fijian kinship terms, house parts, totemism, calendar Arthur Capell Fiji 210 2016-07-06 View
AC2-FIJ010 Chiefly genealogies (Brewster) 'A I tovo vakaviti (Setuviki M. Koto) Note on diff. between Kaluu-vu and Vu Arthur Capell Fiji 156 2016-04-04 View
AC2-FIJ011 Methods and materials for recording Papuan and New Guinea Languages (Also applicable to Oceania in general) Arthur Capell Fiji 150 2016-07-06 View
AC2-FIJ012 Cakaudrove (Vanua Levu) Arthur Capell Fiji 160 2016-07-06 View
AC2-FIJ013 Lau wordlist Arthur Capell Fiji 56 2016-07-06 View
AC2-FIJ014 Naitasiri, Wainimala; Naqelelevu, Nakorosule wordlists Arthur Capell Fiji 56 2016-07-06 View
AC2-FIJ015 Kadavu; Naceva vocab, Nabukelvu vocab and Tavuki (Cakaudrove) snakes Arthur Capell Fiji 134 2016-07-06 View
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