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AC1-000 Report on Arthur Capell Estate by Peter Newton Arthur Capell Afghanistan American Samoa Australia Austria Azerbaijan Botswana Bulgaria Cambodia Chile China Cook Islands Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Ethiopia Fiji Finland French Polynesia Georgia Germany Greece Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Italy Japan Kiribati Korea, North Korea, South Laos Latvia Lebanon Lithuania Macedonia Madagascar Malaysia Marshall Islands Mexico Micronesia Nauru Netherlands New Caledonia New Zealand Nigeria Norway Palau Papua New Guinea Philippines Poland Romania Russian Federation Samoa Slovakia Solomon Islands South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Thailand Tonga Uganda United Kingdom United States Vanuatu Viet Nam Wallis and Futuna 1 2018-02-10 View
AC1-302 Multiple Language Recordings Arthur Capell China Estonia Hong Kong Lithuania Mexico United States 5 2023-04-26 View
AC1-ST18 Kiowa, Maya, and Navajo recordings Arthur Capell Kiowa, Maya, Navaho Mexico United States 12 2018-04-05 View
AC2-ETHGS101 Cat's Cradles from many lands By Kathleen Haddon Arthur Capell United States 2 2016-05-06 View
ALB01-001 Markle Pete narrating to book 'Frog, Where Are You?' Andrea Berez Ahtna United States 2 2016-03-19 View
ALB01-002 Markle Pete talking about loss of Ahtna culture and language. Andrea Berez Ahtna United States 5 2016-03-19 View
ALB01-003 Markle Pete, Virginia Pete and Jeannie Maxim discuss a recording from 1980s by Martha Jackson telling "Bac'its'aadi" story. Kari Shaginoff and Andrea Berez are present. Andrea Berez Ahtna United States 2 2016-03-19 View
ALB01-004 Recording of a session with Markle Pete. Jim Kari eliciting. Andrea Berez and Kari Shaginoff also present. Mostly spot-checking some recordings for Jim Kari. Andrea Berez Ahtna United States 2 2016-03-19 View
ALB01-005 Recording of a session with Virginia Pete. Verb paradigms. Andrea Berez Ahtna United States 2 2016-03-19 View
ALB01-006 Recording of a Session with Markle Pete. Mostly spot-checking recordings with Jim Kari, including Mr. Pete's two recordings of "Nekon' Tsnestnak/Our Fire Has Gone Out". Andrea Berez Ahtna United States 2 2016-03-19 View
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