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Collection ID WSDS1
Title Recordings of the Idi language
Description Data collected on Idi between 2014 and 2018 for the ARC Laureate Project "The Wellsprings of Linguistic Diversity". Most recordings were done in either Dimsisi village, its satellite communities Birem and Iblamnd, or in Bimadbn village.

The Wellsprings of Linguistic Diversity was a five year Laureate project awarded by the Australian Research Council to Professor Nicholas Evans within the School of Culture, History and Language in the College of Asia and the Pacific, at the Australian National University. The project ran from 2014 to 2019.

The project sought to address fundamental questions of linguistic diversity and disparity through an analysis of linguistic variation and change. The project addressed a crucial missing step in existing linguistic research by addressing the question of what drives linguistic diversification so much faster in some societies than in others. It did so by undertaking intensive, matched case studies of speech communities across Australia and the Pacific, allowing researchers to detect variations in languages as they occur and compare the amounts and types of variation found in different sorts of settings, with a particular focus on small-scale multilingual speech communities. It aimed to generate an integrated model of language variation and change, building in interactions between social and linguistic processes. The research findings offered insights into the enormous diversity of human experience, vital for fields as diverse as cognitive science, human evolutionary biology, anthropology and archaeology.
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Dineke Schokkin
Operator Dineke Schokkin
Originating university Australian National University
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Region / village Dimsisi
DOI 10.4225/72/56E97A18E14F3
Cite as Dineke Schokkin (collector), 2014. Recordings of the Idi language. Collection WSDS1 at [Open Access].
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010915_DIM_WL_M39 word list View
020915_DIM_CI_F08 coconut interview View
020915_DIM_CI_F09 coconut interview View
020915_DIM_CI_F10 coconut interview View
020915_DIM_MS_F09_1 how the speaker got married View
020915_DIM_MS_F09_2 hunting with dogs View
020915_DIM_MS_F33 finding deer View
020915_DIM_MS_F34 how the speaker got married View
030915_DIM_WL_M15 word list View
030915_DIM_WL_M40 word list View
050915_DIM_MS_F41 Täme game and song View
061014_DIM_PS_F47 poisoning river View
070915_DIM_CI_F11 coconut interview View
070915_DIM_CI_F12 coconut interview View
070915_DIM_CI_F16 coconut interview View
070915_DIM_CI_M24 coconut interview View
070915_DIM_CI_M25 coconut interview View
070915_DIM_DS_M44 chased by a pig View
080815_DIM_CI_F13 coconut interview View
080815_DIM_CI_M01 coconut interview View
080815_DIM_CI_M16 coconut interview View
080815_DIM_CI_M17_1 coconut interview View
080815_DIM_CI_M17_2 coconut interview View
080815_DIM_CI_M17_3 coconut interview View
080915_DIM_WL_F01 word list View
080915_DIM_WL_F13 word list View
080915_DIM_WL_F27 word list View
080915_DIM_WL_F28 word list View
091014_DIM_MS_M15 practice interview View
100815_DIM_CI_F14 coconut interview View
100815_DIM_CI_M18 coconut interview View
100815_DIM_CI_M19 coconut interview View
100815_DIM_CI_M20 coconut interview View
100815_DIM_CI_M26 coconut interview View
101014_DIM_CI_F01 coconut interview View
101014_DIM_CI_M01_1 coconut interview View
101014_DIM_CI_M01_2 planting sago View
101014_DIM_CI_M39 coconut interview View
101014_DIM_MS_F33 man and two wives View
101014_DIM_MS_F48 practice interview View
101014_DIM_MS_M16 practice interview View
101014_DIM_MS_M22 about the bow View
101014_DIM_MS_M56 building house View
101014_DIM_PS_M22 making bow View
111014_BIR_MS_F04 widow and five daughters View
111014_BIR_MS_F14 yipi story View
111014_BIR_MS_F18 bride price ceremony View
111014_BIR_MS_F43 how the speaker's brother got killed View
111014_BIR_MS_F45 life story View
111014_BIR_MS_M20 how Idzuwe language got lost View
111014_BIR_MS_M35 moving from Birem to Dimsisi View
111014_BIR_MS_M36 life story View
111014_BIR_MS_M37 how speaker's family came to Dimsisi View
111014_BIR_MS_M41_1 family history View
111014_BIR_MS_M41_2 tribal fight (headhunters) View
111014_BIR_MS_M52_1 woman who hid the sun View
111014_BIR_MS_M52_2 how speaker came to live in Birem View
111014_BIR_MS_M53 flooding View
120815_DIM_CI_M21 coconut interview View
121014_BIR_CI_F02 coconut interview View
121014_BIR_CI_F03 coconut interview View
121014_BIR_CI_F04 coconut interview View
121014_BIR_CI_F44 planting fruit tree View
121014_BIR_CI_M02 planting sago View
121014_BIR_CI_M03 coconut interview View
121014_BIR_CI_M04 planting sago View
121014_BIR_CI_M64 coconut interview View
121014_BIR_DS_M16 catching cassowary View
121014_BIR_MS_F14 man who came back from the grave View
121014_BIR_MS_F45 Idzuwe words View
121014_BIR_MS_M35 interview with community elder View
121014_BIR_MS_M53 traditional legend View
121014_BIR_MS_M57 traditional legend View
121014_BIR_MS_M58 traditional legend View
130914_DIM_MS_F11 gardening View
130914_DIM_MS_F33 sickness among women View
130914_DIM_MS_M19 headhunters View
130914_DIM_MS_M44 hunting cassowary View
140815_DIM_CI_F15 coconut interview View
140815_DIM_CI_F16 coconut interview View
140815_DIM_CI_M01 coconut interview View
140815_DIM_CI_M22 coconut interview View
140815_DIM_CI_M23_1 coconut interview View
140815_DIM_CI_M23_2 coconut interview View
140815_DIM_CI_M27 coconut interview View
140815_DIM_CI_M28 coconut interview View
140815_DIM_CI_M29 coconut interview View
140815_DIM_CI_M30 coconut interview View
141014_DIM_MS_M01 sacred canoe View
150815_DIM_DS_M16 chased by a crocodile View
150815_DIM_DS_M45 coconut struck by lightning View
151014_DIM_PS_F49 making baskets View
160815_BIR_CI_F17 coconut interview View
160815_BIR_CI_F18 coconut interview View
160815_BIR_CI_F19 coconut interview View
160815_BIR_CI_F35 coconut interview View
160815_BIR_CI_M31 coconut interview View
160815_BIR_CI_M32 coconut interview View
160815_BIR_CI_M33 coconut interview View

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