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Title Going sightseeing in Mount Ai Leng
Description Going sightseeing and asking DKP about the names of flora in Mount Ai Leng.
Origination date 2019-12-02
Origination date free form
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Wei Han
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Region / village Mangjing Shangzhai, Lancang County
Originating university Shanghai Normal University
Operator Wei Han
Data Categories primary text
Data Types Event
Discourse type interactive_discourse
Roles Wei Han 韩蔚 : researcher
DKP 达科帕 : speaker
DOI 10.26278/129J-ZP28
Cite as Wei Han (collector), Wei Han 韩蔚 (researcher), DKP 达科帕 (speaker), 2019. Going sightseeing in Mount Ai Leng. MP4/MXF/MPEG/X-WAV/OCTET-STREAM. WH01-MJ032 at
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Collection Information
Collection ID WH01
Collection title Recordings of Waic languages spoken in Yunnan, China
Description These recordings started being collected in 2015 in Ximeng County (西盟县), Lancang County (澜沧县), Menghai County (勐海县) and Shuangjiang County (双江县). The speakers are officially identified as Wazu (佤族) and Bulangzu (布朗族) which actually include some different but relatively related ethnic groups who have different autonyms and speak mutually unintelligible languages. According to the current study, these languages are classified into the Waic branch of the Mon-Khmer family, ultimately belonging to the Austro-Asiatic phylum.
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Edit access Julia Colleen Miller
Tina Gregor
Wei Han
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