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Collection ID VTS01
Title Lungkhi recordings
Description Lungkhi recordings
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Vong Tsuh Shi
Operator Julia Colleen Miller
Originating university La Trobe University
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DOI 10.26278/M76K-4737
Cite as Vong Tsuh Shi (collector), 2018. Lungkhi recordings. Collection VTS01 at [Closed Access].
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Edit access Julia Colleen Miller
Data access conditions Closed (subject to the access condition details)
Data access details Waiting to receive deposit form from depositor
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nstlki20181217_01VSC_Team_Wihu Group Wihu song 1 View
nstlki20181217_02VSC_Team_Wihu Group Wihu song 2 View
nstlki20181217_03VSZ_RW_Expl Explanation of nstlki20181217_01VSC_Team_Wihu View
nstlki20181217_04VSZ_RW_Expl Explanation of nstlki20181217_02VSC_Team_Wihu View
nstlki20181218_01VSZ_WihuFest Introduction to the Wihu song View
nstlki20181224_01VSZ_history Naga migration story View
nstlki20190312_01VSL_grammar Elicited grammar View
nstlki20190314_01VSC_LT_Flute Flute music View
nstlki20190315_01VSZ_LT_story Haunted house story View
nstlki20190328_01VSZ_Jb_tone Tones View

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