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Collection ID VKS
Title Vanuatu Kaljoral Senta recordings
Description Collection of recordings made in Vanuatu, including stories, dance and music.
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Operator Nick Fowler-Gilmore
Originating university
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DOI 10.4225/72/56E979D1384A3
Cite as VKS (collector), 1961. Vanuatu Kaljoral Senta recordings. Collection VKS at [Closed Access].
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Edit access Nick Thieberger
Data access conditions Closed (subject to the access condition details)
Data access details Permission required from Vanuatu Cultural Centre for access.
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107_79 Nius blong Santo long Radio Vanua-tu View
111_1 Burlo: Maë: N. E. Malakula: '80: 1 View
111_3 Burlo: Maë: N. E. Malakula: '80: 3 View
111_4 Burlo: Maë: N. E. Malakula: '80: 4 View
113_1 Maë, Jonah Hone View
113_2 Maë, NE Malekula, Kastom Storian 9/01/1977 View
113_3 Maë, NE Malekula, Jonah Hone View
121_66 Traditsen wei blong pulum Canoe View
122_3 Erromanga, Sempet Naritamtop View
149_12 Naahaï III (Tomman Malfakal) View

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