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Title Theodore Schwartz collection
Description The bulk of the collection comprises recorded interviews with the people of Manus Province, Papua New Guinea, made from 1953 through the 1990s. These include interviews in which psychological data are being collected, interviews regarding historical events, and interviews with leaders and participants in contemporary events. There are also a number of recordings of public meetings and religious services. Most of the recordings are in the lingua franca of much of Papua New Guinea, Tok Pisin. Others are in the local languages of Manus people, and some provide Tok Pisin translation of local language material. Non-audio material includes photographs taken during field research in Papua New Guinea as well as original field notes.
This file will list and annotate the tapes processed as part of Project Manus Digital. In this project many of the tapes I made in Manus (the whole Admiralty Island Archipelago, now known as Manus Province of Papua New Guinea, will be played from the reel to reel and cassette audio recordings into the Creative Labs Sound Blaster Awe 64 value sound card of my computer. This will make an analogue to digital conversion and store the digital copy of these analogue/ audio tapes. The digital copies will be stored first on Iomega Jaz disks, later on CD or DVD disks. While the tapes are playing and being digitally copied I will list them and in many cases annotate them in this file on my MS Word 97 word processor. In some cases I will transcribe sections of a tape in a separate word processor file. When that happens it will be noted in this file TapeWork/ntapes”

The tapes are in several series. A—stands for AIE or Admiralty Island Expedition, 1953-54. Margaret Mead was in Manus with TS and Lenore Foerstel (then Lenora Shargo Schwartz). We were based first in Bunai village, then in Pere village on the South Coast of Manus at that time. All tapes were reel-to-reel, made with a Magnecorder tape recorder powered by a gasoline generator.
The “N—series stands for NGAI, New Guinea Admiralty Island Expedition from 1963-1966. TS was accompanied by Lola Romanucci Ross (then Lola Romanucci Schwartz) for the first two years; alone for the third year. We were based in various villages, mostly Pere but for six months each in Sori, Mokareng, and for a shorter time, in Lorengau. Work in Bunai (an amalgamated village of Manus and Usiai) near Pere. RAI refers to “Return to Admiralty Island” in 1967 by TS. The CA expedition (which I have just assigned these initials) was in 1973 and 75. CA stands for Cognitive Acculturation, a TS project funded by the National Institute of Education. In 1973 I was accompanied by 3 then graduate students, Edwin Hutchins, Geoffrey White, and Michael Smith. I returned myself in 1975. Various trips of from 1 to 3 months follow. The last of these was in 1993.

There are between 300 and 400 tapes.

Note: There are a number of empty items in this collection, a result of the metadata being supplied before the recordings were provided. The Tuzin Archive at the University of San Diego has also created a collection for this material, see

Under the N-series of NGAI Expedition, two Items TS1-N018 and TS1-N159 were recorded in the Sepik Region. (Steven Gagau, September 2017)
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Theodore Schwartz
Originating university University of California, San Diego
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Region / village Manus, PNG
DOI 10.4225/72/56E976F4B73E1
Cite as Theodore Schwartz (collector), 1952. Theodore Schwartz collection. Collection TS1 at [Open Access].
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A001 Bunai View
A002 Bunai View
A003 Bunai View
A004 Bunai View
A005 Pere View
A006 Bunai View
A007 Bunai View
A008 Bunai View
A009 Bunai View
A010 A010 View
A011 A011 View
A013 Bunai View
A014 Pere village View
A015 Bunai View
A016 Bunai View
A017 Pere View
A018 A018 View
A019 Pere View
A020 Pere View
A021 Pere View
A022 A022 View
A023 Pere View
A024 Pere View
A025 Pere View
A026 Pere View
A027 Pere View
A028 Pere View
A029 Pere View
A031 Pere View
A032 Pere View
A033 Pere View
A034 Pere View
A035 Peri View
A036 Bunai View
A037 Bunai View
A038 Pere View
A039 Pere View
A040 Pere View
A041 Pere View
A042 Bunai View
A043 Bunai View
A044 Bunai View
A045 Pere View
A046 Pere View
A047 Pere View
A048 Pere View
A049 Pere View
A050 Pere View
A051 Baluan View
A052 Baluan View
A053 Baluan View
A054 New Guinea View
A055 Bunai View
A056 Bunai View
A057 Bunai View
A058 Bunai View
A059 Bunai View
A060 A060 View
A061 Bunai View
A062 Bunai View
A063 Bunai View
A064 Bunai View
A065 Bunai View
A066 Bunai View
A067 Usiai View
A068 Bunai View
A069 Bunai View
A070 Bunai View
A071 Pere View
A072 Bunai View
A073 Bunai View
A074 Bunai View
A075 Bunai View
A076 Bunai View
A077 Bunai View
A078 Bunai View
A079 Bunai View
A080 Bunai View
A081 Bunai View
A082 Bunai View
A083 Bunai View
A084 Lungat View
A085 Lungat View
A086 Lungat View
A087 Lungat View
A088 Pere View
A089 Pere View
A090 Lengau View
A091 Lengau View
A092 Lengau View
A094 Lengau View
A095 A095 View
A096 Baluan View
A097 Pere View
A098 Baluan View
A099 A099 View
A100 Bunai View
B000 Unidentified transcript from B series View
B001 B001 View
B002 B002 View
B003 B003 View
B004 B004 View
B005 B005 View
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B007 B007 View
B008 B008 View
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B010 B010 View
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B012 B012 View
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B113 B113 View
F000 Unidentified and miscellaneous transcripts from F series View
F001 F001 View
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F004 F004 View
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F008 F008 View
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F106 F106 View
ManusDict Draft dictionary of Manus View
N000 Unidentified transcripts from N series View
N001 Gahom View
N002 N002 View
N003 N003 View
N004 N004 View
N005 N005 View
N006 N006 View
N007 N007 View
N008 N008 View
N009 N009 View
N010 N010 View
N011 N011 View
N012 N012 View
N013 N013 View
N014 N014 View
N015 N015 View
N016 N016 View
N017 N017 View
N018 N018 View
N019 N019 View
N020 Lebei View
N021 N021 View
N022 N022 View
N023 N023 View
N024 N024 View
N025 N025 View
N026 N026 View
N027 N027 View
N028 N028 View
N029 N029 View
N030 N030 View
N031 N031 View
N032 N032 View
N033 N033 View
N034 N034 View
N035 N035 View
N036 N036 View
N037 N037 View
N038 N038 View
N039 N039 View
N040 N040 View
N041 Nauna View
N042 N042 View
N043 N043 View
N044 N044 View
N045 N045 View
N046 N046 View
N047 N047 View
N048 N048 View
N049 N049 View
N050 N050 View
N051 N051 View
N052 Pere View
N053 Kapo View
N054 Kapo2 View
N055 N055 View
N056 N056 View
N057 N057 View
N058 N058 View
N059 N059 View
N060 N060 View
N061 N061 View
N062 N062 View
N063 N063 View
N064 N064 View
N065 N065 View
N066 N066 View
N067 N067 View
N068 N068 View
N069 N069 View
N070 Baluan View
N071 N071 View
N072 Mbunai View
N073 Mbunai View
N074 N074 View
N075 N075 View
N076 N076 View
N077 N077 View
N078 N078 View
N079 N079 View
N080 N080 View
N081 N081 View
N082 N082 View
N083 N083 View
N084 N084 View
N085 N085 View
N086 N086 View
N087 N087 View
N088 N088 View
N089 N089 View
N090 N090 View
N091 N091 View
N092 N092 View
N093 N093 View
N094 N094 View
N095 N095 View
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