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Collection ID TNS1
Title Mali (Baining) Texts
Description Texts in Mali (mixture of spoken and written narratives) with glossing and translation
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Tonya Stebbins
Operator Nick Ward
Originating university La Trobe University
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DOI 10.26278/5f7dd8017bd26
Cite as Tonya Stebbins (collector), 2001. Mali (Baining) Texts. Collection TNS1 at [Open Access].
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Tonya Stebbins
Tonya Stebbins
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2001BeKu01 Wallaby and dog View
2001ChTa01 Mother went to the garden View
2001ChTa02 Amesmeski View
2001FiLe01 Wordlist View
2001FiLe02 Aibika View
2001HeLe02 Duraikini nge nema vlemga View
2001JsTa01 Early bird and parrot View
2001JsTa02 Galip nuts View
2001JsTa03 Wordlist View
2001JsTa04 Rooster and wallaby View

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