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Collection ID TNS1
Title Mali (Baining) Texts
Description Texts in Mali (mixture of spoken and written narratives) with glossing and translation
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Tonya Stebbins
Operator Nick Ward
Originating university La Trobe University
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DOI 10.26278/5f7dd8017bd26
Cite as Tonya Stebbins (collector), 2001. Mali (Baining) Texts. Collection TNS1 at [Open Access].
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Tonya Stebbins
Tonya Stebbins
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2002Anon18 The cassowary View
2002Anon19 The prawn and the small mouthed fish View
2002Anon20 The flying fox drinks from the sea View
2002Anon21 Two brothers go hunting with their dogs View
2002Anon22 The flying fox View
2002Anon23 The lamerain tree View
2002Anon24 The fish that jumps out of the water View
2002AtAi01 Journey to Karong View
2002AuKu01 Story about Anton and David View
2002BaKu01 Story about Dominicus Nguthekgelembem View

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