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Title Boku Lexicostats
Description Boku Lexicostats SAW Nos 1-158 (same as Ikega)

(Date approximate, inferred from others in this series (TD1-P###)

Boku – Karekomana Village (Lelebu Kikira)
1. A word List and some short sentences are given in Motu with instances in use of English for better understanding.

2. The word list is themed as given by examples:
My man, my boy child, my woman child, me, you, she/him/they, us, we, you (plural), them, all of them,
My head, my hair, my forehead, my eye, my nose, my ear, my teeth, my tongue, my chin, my voice (my throat), my neck, my mouth, my shoulder, my hand, my elbow, my palm, my knuckles, my fingernail, chest, my breast, my stomach, my belly button, my back, my buttocks, my leg, my thighs, my knee, the sole of my feet, my skin, the hair on my chest, my blood, my fat, my bone (s), my stomach? (Kudouna + nughagu), my lungs, my sore,
I dreamed last night.
Sun, hour, (hua?), stars, sky, cloud, mist, rain, the rain is falling, night, today, morning, afternoon,
Water, river, lake, ground, stone, sand (miri) mountain (ororo), bush (uda), garden (uma-sega), ara? Wind (avara), the wind is blowing (wind ia toa), fire (lahi), smoke (kwalahu), ashes (kau), dala (road-dabala), ,
Tree (au), tree trunk (au gabana- ghau gabakana), tree branch (au rigina- ghau Legana), near the tree (au badina-ghau korana *in sinaugoro he says the base of the tree.
The word translations - near the tree (badina), tree buck (au ramuna-ghau ghokana-ramuna in sinaugoro is baby hair), tree skin (au kepina-ghau kefina)? (au dorina-ghau gevena), fruits of the tree, (au huahuana- ghau ghuana/gutuna), leaf of the tree (au rauna- ghau launa),? (kulukulu-leghi),
Sweet potato (kaema-mosaro), taro-kale, taitu-dale, fish (gwarume).

Transcribed by Eileen Bobone
(Steven Gagau, January 2021)
Origination date 1967-01-01
Origination date free form 1967
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Tom Dutton
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Language as given Sinagoro (Boku)
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Dialect Boku
Region / village Karekomana Village, Rigo District, Central Province
Originating university Australian National University
Operator Frank Davey
Data Categories lexicon
primary text
Data Types Sound
Discourse type narrative
Roles Tom Dutton : recorder
Steven Gagau : data_inputter
Eileen Bobone : transcriber
DOI 10.4225/72/56FD40698570F
Cite as Tom Dutton (collector), Tom Dutton (recorder), Steven Gagau (data_inputter), Eileen Bobone (transcriber), 1967. Boku Lexicostats. MPEG/VND.WAV. TD1-P032 at
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Collection ID TD1
Collection title Papua New Guinean Languages
Description A collection of audio recordings from a number of languages of Papua New Guinea and Australia. Includes Tok Pisin, Motu, Hiri Motu, Toaripi, Opao, Orokolo, Kanju, Kaipi, Boera, Maipua, Purari (Koriki), Fore, Orokaiva, Notu (Ewage-Notu), Grass Koiari, Nara (Lala), Wahgi, Raepa Tati (Kaki Ae), Ouma, Mailu, Managalasi, Koita, Aomie, Barai, Rabuka, Rumu, Kibiri, Mountain Koiali, Koitabu, Mekeo, Suau, Toura, Abadi, Barai, Maria, Kuanua, Sinaugoro, Uare, Aomie, Ese, Baruga, Maisin, Umanakaina, Kanasi, Dawawa, Doga, Abau, Domu, Daga, Yareba, Magori, Tauade and Yele. Some language more that one dialect is present. Text types include stories, songs, basic elicitation, comparative work, radio recordings, language lessons, discussion. Also includes a lecture by K. L. Pike, recordings from ABC radio, recordings of Black American English (Tim Shopen), One recording of Bislama (Vanuatu), a recording of the 1977 Australian Museum conference, bird calls and data on Queensland pidgin, a recording in Kaandju (Australia), as well as data on Torres Strait English for the Queensland Speech Survey.
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