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Title Fore Stories 1-52
Description Side 1 -- 1. Visit to Kaukau Garden -- 2. A Bat Inside My House -- 3. A visit to a Mumu -- 4. To the Pit. Saw -- 5. The Misbehaving Dog -- 6. Bees -- 7. Picking Coffee -- 8. Two Pet Parrots -- 9. Magic - Shooting the Needle -- 10. At Church - (Oyapanto) -- 11. Buying a Meri -- 12. Instructions to Lula-Dead Movn -- 13. Instructions to Lula-Dead Movn -- 14. The Court-Bush Fire -- 15. Ipusn Ground Mark Dispute -- 16. Pagu Stole The Paper -- 17. The Cassowary Hunting Song of Triumph -- 18. Going To See The Cassowary -- 19. The Cassowary Mumu -- 20. Pigs In My House -- 21. Description of A Cassowary -- 22. Road Work -- 23. The Family Mumu -- 24. Cassowary Hunting Song of Triumph -- 25. Quarrel over The Dead Man -- 26. A visit To a New Garden -- 27. The Unsuccessful Court -- 28. The Feast After The Unsuccessful Count -- Side 2 -- 29. The Dream -- 30. A Day's Work in The Garden (The Garden Ceremony) -- 31. Shooting a Cassowary -- 32. The New Garden Ceremony -- 33. Oyapanto's Sunday Walk -- 34. Shooting Rats -- 35. Api's New Garden -- 36. Buying a Meri -- 37. Buying a Meri -- 38. Shooting The Pig -- 39. The Death of a Kuru Woman -- 40. The Death of The Two Parrots -- 41. Washing Coffee -- 42. Walking About -- 43. Seeing the Kuru Women -- 44. Going To See the Lakes -- 45. Going To See the Omipionti -- 46. Master's Leg in The Mud -- 47. Buying a Meri Without Permission -- 48. Cleaning Around The Church -- 49. Sleeping at Okapa -- 50. Cutting Trees -- 51. The Cross-Meri -- 52. The Initiation Ceremony; (Date given is approximate)
Origination date 1960-01-01
Origination date free form
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Tom Dutton
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Language as given Fore
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Originating university Australian National University
Operator Frank Davey
Data Categories primary text
Data Types Sound
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Roles Tom Dutton : recorder
Ori Api : speaker
DOI 10.4225/72/56FD3DB55309F
Cite as Tom Dutton (collector), Tom Dutton (recorder), Ori Api (speaker), 1960. Fore Stories 1-52. MPEG/X-WAV. TD1-NG6 at
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Collection ID TD1
Collection title Papua New Guinean Languages
Description A collection of audio recordings from a number of languages of Papua New Guinea and Australia. Includes Tok Pisin, Motu, Hiri Motu, Toaripi, Opao, Orokolo, Kanju, Kaipi, Boera, Maipua, Purari (Koriki), Fore, Orokaiva, Notu (Ewage-Notu), Grass Koiari, Nara (Lala), Wahgi, Raepa Tati (Kaki Ae), Ouma, Mailu, Managalasi, Koita, Aomie, Barai, Rabuka, Rumu, Kibiri, Mountain Koiali, Koitabu, Mekeo, Suau, Toura, Abadi, Barai, Maria, Kuanua, Sinaugoro, Uare, Aomie, Ese, Baruga, Maisin, Umanakaina, Kanasi, Dawawa, Doga, Abau, Domu, Daga, Yareba, Magori, Tauade and Yele. Some language more that one dialect is present. Text types include stories, songs, basic elicitation, comparative work, radio recordings, language lessons, discussion. Also includes a lecture by K. L. Pike, recordings from ABC radio, recordings of Black American English (Tim Shopen), One recording of Bislama (Vanuatu), a recording of the 1977 Australian Museum conference, bird calls and data on Queensland pidgin, a recording in Kaandju (Australia), as well as data on Torres Strait English for the Queensland Speech Survey.
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