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Title Toksave - Culture Talks: PARADISEC podcast
Description Toksave: Culture Talks is a PARADISEC Podcast production by co-presenters and staffers Jodie Kell, a musicologist/audio engineer and Steven Gagau, research assistant/archivist. There are episodes with a series of interviews with people who have found personal and cultural connections with collections in the archive.
Music and Language are central to identity in Indigenous communities and the return of legacy research recordings can be an emotional and exciting rediscovery of the past, contributing to the continuation of cultural practices. This is where the archived records of the past have life breathed back into them once again!
The ARC Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language is acknowledged for their support of the PARADISEC Podcast.
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Jodie Kell
Operator Steven Gagau
Originating university University of Sydney
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DOI 10.26278/9QF0-HV96
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01 Episode 1: Grace Hull with RL1 Collection View
02 Episode 2: Michael Webb with MW6 Collection (Part 1) View
03 Episode 3: Michael Webb with MW6 Collection (Part 2) View
04 Episode 4: Linda Anderson with MMT1 Collection View
05 Episode 5: Tom Johnny Obed with TC1 Collection View
06 Episode 6: Prash Krishnan with Jeff Siegel on JS2 Collection. View
07 Episode 7: Linda Ford and Emily Ford with LPF Collection. View
08 Episode 8: Eileen Bobone with Matt Carrol on ANU Field Methods course and AC1, MR1, TD1 Collections. View
09 Episode 9: Johnny Obed with Kirk Huffman on SD1 Collection. View
10 Episode 10: Roge and Gulea Kila on True Echoes C62 Seligmann Hula Collection View

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