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Title The Tani Languages
Description This is a repository of Mark W. Post and Yankee Modi's data pertaining to the Tani languages, broadly conceived to include also Milang. Data presented here are from several Tani lects, as identified.
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Mark W. Post and Yankee Modi
Originating university Universitaet Bern
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DOI 10.4225/72/56E979C0C510A
Cite as Mark W. Post and Yankee Modi (collector), 2001. The Tani Languages. Collection TANI at [Other Access].
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GL04_Cane Collecting cane View
GL04_Migration Migration from Daarɨɨ to Silɨɨ View
GL05_AnimalsIR Forest animals (IR) View
GL05_AnimalsTR Forest animals (TR) View
GL05_FrogStoryTR Frog Story View
GL05_HouseCon House construation View
GL05_LegendAboTani The Legend of Abo Tani View
GL05_MenWomen Galo men and women View
GL05_Moopin Moopin View

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