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Title Matukar Panau_Taleo_John_Berry
Description Taleo Kreno (tk), John Bogg (jb) and Berry Kuyau (bk) do the family problems picture task in 3 parts: tk and jb do card description (1) and card sorting (2) and jb tells a card-based narrative, and tk describes the cards while asking bk questions (3). Media files include stereo audio (lr), solo tracks (t1), front video (f) and overhead video (oh). Part 3 of the task has solo tracks from each story teller, for other parts, the speaker with the solo track audio is indicated by their initials.
Origination date 2016-01-07
Origination date free form
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Danielle Barth
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Originating university Australian National University
Operator Julia Colleen Miller
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DOI 10.4225/72/570BD04E9DFF0
Cite as Danielle Barth (collector), 2016. Matukar Panau_Taleo_John_Berry. EAF+XML/MP4/MXF/WEBM/MPEG/VND.WAV. SocCog-mjk02 at
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SocCog-mjk02-tk_jb_1_20170201.eaf application/eaf+xml 475 KB
SocCog-mjk02-tk_jb_1_20180704.eaf application/eaf+xml 497 KB
SocCog-mjk02-tk_jb_1_20200528.eaf application/eaf+xml 872 KB
SocCog-mjk02-tk_jb_1_20210528.eaf application/eaf+xml 872 KB
SocCog-mjk02-tk_jb_1_20240102.eaf application/eaf+xml 907 KB
SocCog-mjk02-tk_jb_1_f.mp4 video/mp4 940 MB 00:25:35.549
SocCog-mjk02-tk_jb_1_f.mxf application/mxf 49 GB
SocCog-mjk02-tk_jb_1_f.webm video/webm 946 MB 00:25:35.519
SocCog-mjk02-tk_jb_1_lr.mp3 audio/mpeg 23.4 MB 00:25:37.569
SocCog-mjk02-tk_jb_1_lr.wav audio/vnd.wav 845 MB 00:25:37.559
SocCog-mjk02-tk_jb_1_oh.mp4 video/mp4 944 MB 00:25:41.940
SocCog-mjk02-tk_jb_1_oh.mxf application/mxf 35.6 GB
SocCog-mjk02-tk_jb_1_oh.webm video/webm 949 MB 00:25:41.940
SocCog-mjk02-tk_jb_1_t1_jb.mp3 audio/mpeg 23.4 MB 00:25:37.569
SocCog-mjk02-tk_jb_1_t1_jb.wav audio/vnd.wav 845 MB 00:25:37.559
SocCog-mjk02-tk_jb_2_20200528.eaf application/eaf+xml 265 KB
SocCog-mjk02-tk_jb_2_20210528.eaf application/eaf+xml 285 KB
SocCog-mjk02-tk_jb_2_20240102.eaf application/eaf+xml 293 KB
SocCog-mjk02-tk_jb_2_f.mp4 video/mp4 474 MB 00:12:55.231
SocCog-mjk02-tk_jb_2_f.mxf application/mxf 25.4 GB
SocCog-mjk02-tk_jb_2_f.webm video/webm 477 MB 00:12:55.200
SocCog-mjk02-tk_jb_2_lr.mp3 audio/mpeg 11.8 MB 00:12:57.221
SocCog-mjk02-tk_jb_2_lr.wav audio/vnd.wav 427 MB 00:12:57.195
SocCog-mjk02-tk_jb_2_oh.mp4 video/mp4 483 MB 00:13:07.653
SocCog-mjk02-tk_jb_2_oh.mxf application/mxf 17.7 GB
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Collection Information
Collection ID SocCog
Collection title Social Cognition Project
Description Materials from a structured task for gathering enriched language data for descriptive, comparative and documentary purposes. The task involves collaborative narrative problem-solving and retelling by a pair or small group of language speakers, and was developed as an aid to investigating grammatical categories relevant to psychosocial cognition. The pictures set up a dramatic story where participants can feel empathetic involvement with the characters, and trace individual motivations, mental and physical states, and points of view. The data-gathering task allows different cultural groups to imbue the pictures with their own experiences, concerns, and conventions and stimulates the spontaneous use of previously under-recorded linguistic structures. Picture sets include "Family Problems" and "Crow and Jackal".
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Edit access Danielle Barth
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Data access conditions Open (subject to agreeing to PDSC access conditions)
Data access narrative

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