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Title Auslan_AJTF
Description AJ (A) and TF (B) do the family problems picture task. First, they describe the pictures together (c12a), then they sort them (c12b), then SL joins them and watches as AJ (A) tells the story (c12c) and then TF (B) tells the story (c12d). Media files include left camera (A), right camera (B) and overhead GoPro camera (AB). All recordings correspond to task parts c12a, c12b, c12c and c12d. AJTF = both in overhead GoPro video.
Origination date 2016-06-28
Origination date free form
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Gabrielle Hodge
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Language as given Auslan
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Dialect Melbourne
Region / village Melbourne
Originating university Australian National University
Operator Julia Colleen Miller
Data Categories language description
Data Types Collection
Discourse type procedural_discourse
Roles SL : interviewer
AJ : consultant
TF : consultant
DOI 10.4225/72/5a0ef98d30d75
Cite as Gabrielle Hodge (collector), SL (interviewer), AJ (consultant), TF (consultant), 2016. Auslan_AJTF. EAF+XML/MP4/MXF/WEBM. SocCog-asf05 at
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SocCog-asf05-AJ_A_c12a.eaf application/eaf+xml 419 KB
SocCog-asf05-AJ_A_c12a.mp4 video/mp4 1.04 GB 00:12:43.797
SocCog-asf05-AJ_A_c12a.mxf application/mxf 14.4 GB
SocCog-asf05-AJ_A_c12a.webm video/webm 926 MB 00:12:43.759
SocCog-asf05-AJ_A_c12b.eaf application/eaf+xml 267 KB
SocCog-asf05-AJ_A_c12b.mp4 video/mp4 591 MB 00:06:48.916
SocCog-asf05-AJ_A_c12b.mxf application/mxf 7.16 GB
SocCog-asf05-AJ_A_c12b.webm video/webm 495 MB 00:06:48.879
SocCog-asf05-AJ_A_c12c.eaf application/eaf+xml 193 KB
SocCog-asf05-AJ_A_c12c.mp4 video/mp4 116 MB 00:01:28.319
SocCog-asf05-AJ_A_c12c.mxf application/mxf 1.63 GB
SocCog-asf05-AJ_A_c12c.webm video/webm 107 MB 00:01:28.280
SocCog-asf05-AJ_A_c12d.eaf application/eaf+xml 78.7 KB
SocCog-asf05-AJ_A_c12d.mp4 video/mp4 180 MB 00:02:15.444
SocCog-asf05-AJ_A_c12d.mxf application/mxf 2.4 GB
SocCog-asf05-AJ_A_c12d.webm video/webm 164 MB 00:02:15.400
SocCog-asf05-AJTF_AB_c12a.mp4 video/mp4 973 MB 00:12:43.797
SocCog-asf05-AJTF_AB_c12a.mxf application/mxf 7.4 GB
SocCog-asf05-AJTF_AB_c12a.webm video/webm 626 MB 00:12:43.759
SocCog-asf05-AJTF_AB_c12b.mp4 video/mp4 549 MB 00:06:48.916
SocCog-asf05-AJTF_AB_c12b.mxf application/mxf 4.11 GB
SocCog-asf05-AJTF_AB_c12b.webm video/webm 334 MB 00:06:48.879
SocCog-asf05-AJTF_AB_c12c.mp4 video/mp4 112 MB 00:01:28.319
SocCog-asf05-AJTF_AB_c12c.mxf application/mxf 910 MB
SocCog-asf05-AJTF_AB_c12c.webm video/webm 68.1 MB 00:01:28.280
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Collection Information
Collection ID SocCog
Collection title Social Cognition Project
Description Materials from a structured task for gathering enriched language data for descriptive, comparative and documentary purposes. The task involves collaborative narrative problem-solving and retelling by a pair or small group of language speakers, and was developed as an aid to investigating grammatical categories relevant to psychosocial cognition. The pictures set up a dramatic story where participants can feel empathetic involvement with the characters, and trace individual motivations, mental and physical states, and points of view. The data-gathering task allows different cultural groups to imbue the pictures with their own experiences, concerns, and conventions and stimulates the spontaneous use of previously under-recorded linguistic structures. Picture sets include "Family Problems" and "Crow and Jackal".
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Access Information
Edit access Amanda Harris
View/Download access
Data access conditions Closed (subject to the access condition details)
Data access narrative If you would like to access any of the Auslan Family Problems Task media files, please contact Gabrielle Hodge: [email protected]

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