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Collection ID SNC1
Title Field Methods ANU 2020 Sinaugoro
Description Recordings from the 2020 linguistic field methods class at the Australian National University on the Sinaugoro language.

This collection was only possible due to the hard work of Eileen Bobone, please cite this collection as:

Eileen Bobone (speaker), Matthew J. Carroll (collector). 2020. Field Methods ANU 2020 Sinaugoro. Collection SNC1 at [Open Access].
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Mae Carroll
Operator Tina Gregor
Originating university Australian National University
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DOI 10.26278/FH97-3R38
Cite as Mae Carroll (collector), 2020. Field Methods ANU 2020 Sinaugoro. Collection SNC1 at [Open Access].
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Edit access Mae Carroll
Tina Gregor
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20200702_CL1 Recording Permission and background interview View
20200702_CL2 Body Parts View
20200702_G1_01 Time Words View
20200702_G1_02 Location Words View
20200703_CL1 Body Parts View
20200703_G2_01 Animals View
20200703_G2_02 Food View
20200703_G3 Natural world, kindship, taste View
20200706_CL1 Location words, phrases View
20200706_G1_01 Time words and phrases View
20200706_G1_02 Locational phrases and strategies View
20200706_G3 Cooking, emotion, and kinship View
20200707_G3 Body Parts View
20200708_G1_01 Dictionary entries, clarification of meanings View
20200708_G1_02 Dictionary entries, clarification of meanings View
20200708_G2_01 Food dictionary entries, elicitation View
20200708_G2_02 Dictionary entries, Elicitation View
20200709_CL Transitivity, Valency View
20200709_G2_01 Dictionary entries, Elicitation View
20200709_G2_02 Dictionary entries, Elicitation View
20200709_G3_02 cooking View
20200713_CL1 Possession View
20200713_G1_01 1-minute text View
20200713_G1_02 1-minute text View
20200713_G3_01 1 minute text View
20200713_G3_02 Transitivity View
20200714_G3_01 Transcription, elicitation View
20200715_CL1 Adjectives View
20200715_G1_01 1-minute text, misc. morphemes View
20200715_G1_02 1-minute text, transcription, interrogatives View
20200715_G2_01 1 Minute text, adjectives View
20200715_G2_02 1 Minute text, adjectives View
20200716_CL9 Pronouns, argument indexing View
20200716_G2_01 1 minute text View
20200716_G2_02 1 minute text View
20200720_CL1_01 Interrogative strategies and numeral system View
20200720_G1_01 1-minute text, TAM View
20200720_G1_02 Interrogative strategies and numeral system View
20200720_G3_02 Text Elicitation View
20200720_G3_03 Embedded sentences View
20200721_CL11 Adjectives View
20200721_G3_01 Embedded sentences View
20200721_G3_02 Text segmentation View
20200722_CL1 Adverbs View
20200722_G1_01 1-minute text, TAM View
20200722_G1_02 Correction of elicited text transcription and glossing View
20200722_G2_01 Text, adjectives View
20200722_G2_02 Text and adjectives View
20200723_CL16 -na, TAM View
20200723_G2_01 Texts and adjectives View
20200723_G2_02 Text, adjectives View

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