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Collection ID SH2
Title Markham languages fieldwork, 1985-88
Description Dr S. Holzknecht fieldwork on Markham languages, P.N.G. Audio recordings of interviews with language informants for PhD fieldwork. See Holzknecht 1989, PL.C115 for details of the 15 languages included.
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Susanne Holzknecht
Operator Nick Ward
Originating university Australian National University
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Region / village Morobe Province
DOI 10.4225/72/5911e78b2c85e
Cite as Susanne Holzknecht (collector), 1974. Markham languages fieldwork, 1985-88. Collection SH2 at [Open Access].
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Jasmin Isobe
Ivan Kapitonov
Susanne Holzknecht
Marco Espinoza
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ANUA520_3207 Banzain (Nafi) 7 View
ANUA520_3208 Banzain (Nafi) 8 View
ANUA520_3209 Banzain (Nafi) 9 View
ANUA520_3301 Sukurum 1 View

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