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Title Contents of Minidisc recorded in several Singpho villages, May 2005
Description SDM08-20040803-001;2'57';Primary Text;9/5/04;Bisa Gaon;Bisa Lat Nong;Singpho;Tones;; -- SDM08-20040803-002;2'07';Primary Text;9/5/04;Bisa Gaon;Bisa Lat Nong;Singpho;Singpho food;; -- SDM08-20040803-003;1'08';Primary Text;9/5/04;Bisa Gaon;M.N.Singpho;Singpho;The Turung castes;; -- SDM08-20040803-004;3'01';Song;9/5/04;Bisa Gaon;M.N.Singpho;Singpho;Song;; -- SDM08-20040803-005;9'56';Primary Text;9/5/04;Bisa Gaon;M.N.Singpho;Singpho;Grammar - the words for colours, as /se cang/ - 'blacked';; -- SDM08-20040803-006;0'35';Primary Text;9/5/04;Bisa Gaon;M.N.Singpho;Singpho;Kinship;; -- SDM08-20040803-007;3'36';Primary Text;9/5/04;Bisa Gaon;M.N.Singpho;Singpho;Kinship;; -- SDM08-20040803-008;1'18';Primary Text;9/5/04;Bisa Gaon;M.N.Singpho;Singpho;About stories;; -- SDM08-20040803-009;6'30';Primary Text;9/5/04;Bisa Gaon;Bisa Lat Nong;Singpho;Story;; -- SDM08-20040803-010;1'02';Primary Text;9/5/04;Kum Chai;Giyang La ;Singpho;About Walker Sahib who could speak Singpho;; -- SDM08-20040803-011;0'46';Primary Text;9/5/04;Kum Chai;Giyang La & M.N. Singpho;Singpho;Giyang La talking about his age and songs that he knows;; -- SDM08-20040803-012;0'38';Primary Text;9/5/04;Kum Chai;Giyang La & M.N. Singpho;Singpho;Giyang La talking about songs;; -- SDM08-20040803-013;3'11';Song;9/5/04;Kum Chai;Giyang La ;Singpho;Song;; -- SDM08-20040803-014;4'34';Primary Text;9/5/04;Kum Chai;Giyang La and M.N. Singpho;Singpho;On spirits and traditional sacrifice;; --
Origination date 2005-05-01
Origination date free form May 2005
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Stephen Morey
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Language as given Singpho
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Dialect Numhpuk Hkawng Variety
Region / village Bisa Village, Margerita, Tinsukia District
Originating university La Trobe University
Operator Stephen Morey
Data Categories primary text
Data Types Sound
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Roles Stephen Morey : researcher
DOI 10.4225/72/56FBF1F9B50BA
Cite as Stephen Morey (collector), Stephen Morey (researcher), 2005. Contents of Minidisc recorded in several Singpho villages, May 2005. MPEG/VND.WAV. SDM08-20040803 at
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SDM08-20040803-002.mp3 audio/mpeg 1.95 MB 00:02:07.706
SDM08-20040803-002.wav audio/vnd.wav 21.8 MB 00:02:07.941
SDM08-20040803-003.mp3 audio/mpeg 1.05 MB 00:01:08.753
SDM08-20040803-003.wav audio/vnd.wav 11.8 MB 00:01:08.858
SDM08-20040803-004.mp3 audio/mpeg 2.77 MB 00:03:01.498
SDM08-20040803-004.wav audio/vnd.wav 30.8 MB 00:03:01.859
SDM08-20040803-005.mp3 audio/mpeg 9.09 MB 00:09:55.631
SDM08-20040803-005.wav audio/vnd.wav 101 MB 00:09:56.938
SDM08-20040803-006.mp3 audio/mpeg 565 KB 00:00:36.122
SDM08-20040803-006.wav audio/vnd.wav 6.33 MB 00:00:36.164
SDM08-20040803-007.mp3 audio/mpeg 3.3 MB 00:03:36.32
SDM08-20040803-007.wav audio/vnd.wav 36.7 MB 00:03:36.467
SDM08-20040803-008.mp3 audio/mpeg 1.14 MB 00:01:14.852
SDM08-20040803-008.wav audio/vnd.wav 12.9 MB 00:01:14.977
SDM08-20040803-009.mp3 audio/mpeg 5.94 MB 00:06:29.322
SDM08-20040803-009.wav audio/vnd.wav 65.9 MB 00:06:30.153
SDM08-20040803-010.mp3 audio/mpeg 981 KB 00:01:02.759
SDM08-20040803-010.wav audio/vnd.wav 10.8 MB 00:01:02.844
SDM08-20040803-011.mp3 audio/mpeg 608 KB 00:00:38.884
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SDM08-20040803-012.mp3 audio/mpeg 738 KB 00:00:47.198
SDM08-20040803-012.wav audio/vnd.wav 8.2 MB 00:00:47.253
SDM08-20040803-013.mp3 audio/mpeg 2.92 MB 00:03:11.194
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Collection Information
Collection ID SDM08
Collection title Singpho (Numhpuk Hkawng variety) (India)
Description Audio recordings of Singpho, spoken in India. Includes discussions of personal history, cultural information, phonological data, cultural history, stories, proverbs and word lists.
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Edit access Stephen Morey
Maria Karidakis
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Data access conditions Open (subject to agreeing to PDSC access conditions)
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