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Title Contents of Minidisc recorded in several Aiton villages, February 2005
Description SDM02-20050201-001;3'08';Primary Text;23/1/05;Ban Nam Thum;Sa Cham;Aiton;Story of the discovery of a cave at Barhula, which is thought to date to the time of the Kachari Kings.;; -- SDM02-20050201-002;2'10';Primary Text;5/2/05;Barhula;Ngi Khang;Aiton;History of Barhula;; -- SDM02-20050201-003;4'16';Primary Text;5/2/05;Barhula;Ngi Khang;Aiton;History of Barhula, including the story of the war between the Tais and the Nagas;; -- SDM02-20050201-004;7'28';Lexicon;5/2/05;Barhula;Ngi Khang;Aiton;Word List;; -- SDM02-20050201-005;3'31';Primary Text;6/2/05;Barhula;La Haw;Aiton;History of Barhula and his family;; -- SDM02-20050201-006;0'04';Primary Text;6/2/05;Barhula;La Haw;Aiton;History of Barhula and his family (this was recorded together with SDM02-20050201-007);; -- SDM02-20050201-007;3'25';Primary Text;6/2/05;Barhula;La Haw;Aiton;History of Barhula and his family;; -- SDM02-20050201-008;7'20';Primary Text;6/2/05;Barhula;Ngi Khang;Aiton;Old Tai traditions including phii 'spirits';; -- SDM02-20050201-009;6'41';Primary Text;6/2/05;Barhula;Ngi Khang;Aiton;The eight Buddhist festivals;; -- SDM02-20050201-010;2'58';Primary Text;6/2/05;Barhula;Ngi Khang;Aiton;Level of knowledge of Tai reading in different villages;; -- SDM02-20050201-011;1'12';Primary Text;6/2/05;Barhula;Ngi Khang;Aiton;Some words about the late Bau Kheu;; -- SDM02-20050201-012;2'10';Primary Text;6/2/05;Barhula;Ngi Khang;Aiton;Some words about the late Duu Mai and the songs that he composed;; -- SDM02-20050201-013;8'44';Lexicon;6/2/05;Barhula;Ngi Khang;Aiton;Word List;; -- SDM02-20050201-014;0'47';Lexicon;6/2/05;Barhula;Ngi Khang;Aiton;Word List;; -- SDM02-20050201-015;6'40';Primary Text;6/2/05;Barhula;Aung Thun;Aiton;Story of the killer tiger caught by Aung Thun's father in British times;; -- SDM02-20050201-016;5'37';Primary Text;7/2/05;Barhula;Ngi Khang;Aiton;Tai Proverbs;; -- SDM02-20050201-017;10'49';Primary Text;7/2/05;Barhula;Ngi Khang;Aiton;Tai Proverbs;; -- SDM02-20050201-018;2'20';Primary Text;7/2/05;Barhula;Ngi Khang;Aiton;About the language spoken by his parents;; --
Origination date 2005-02-01
Origination date free form 2005 February
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Stephen Morey
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Language as given Aiton, Southwestern Tai language, about 1500 speakers (2005)
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Dialect Aiton
Region / village Ban Nam Thum (Duburoni) and Barhula
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Originating university La Trobe University
Operator Stephen Morey
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Roles Stephen Morey : researcher
DOI 10.4225/72/56FBF1080DCE7
Cite as Stephen Morey (collector), Stephen Morey (researcher), 2005. Contents of Minidisc recorded in several Aiton villages, February 2005. MPEG/VND.WAV. SDM02-20050201 at
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Collection Information
Collection ID SDM02
Collection title Tai Aiton (India)
Description Audio recordings of Aiton made in several villages (India). Includes word lists, history, stories, proverbs, songs, chanting, and discussions about language and cultural activities.
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