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Title Näkenaa ä Nuu Nubulaa
Description Words and Explanations. Image files of accompanying documentation. (Unclear which Reefs language this is)
Origination date 1979-07-19
Origination date free form
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Stephen (S.A.) Wurm
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Originating university Australian National University
Operator Frank Davey
Data Categories language description
primary text
Data Types Sound
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Roles Stephen (S.A.) Wurm : researcher
Martin Moia : recorder
DOI 10.4225/72/56FBECC362898
Cite as Stephen (S.A.) Wurm (collector), Stephen (S.A.) Wurm (researcher), Martin Moia (recorder), 1979. Näkenaa ä Nuu Nubulaa. JPEG/MPEG/X-WAV/XML. SAW2-009 at
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Collection Information
Collection ID SAW2
Collection title Recordings from Solomon Islands, French Polynesia, Papua New Guinea and Australia
Description A large collection of audio recordings made by Stephen Wurm in a number of countries on a variety of languages. Solomon Island data comprises the majority of the collection. Languages recorded include Santa Cruz (split into Natügu and Nalögo), Reef Island (Ayiwo). Data for each language varies but recordings include word lists, material for dictionary, elicited sentences, discussion about language, stories, phonological recordings, hymns, Christian texts and conversation. Also contains some written correspondence and a list of images taken. Recordings from French Polynesia include two small tapes of Tahitian. Recordings from Papua New Guinea include data from Olana and a public lecture given in Tok Pisin. Data from Australia includes Wanggamala, Bundhamara, Garlali and Badjirim. Also two files are noted as being made in New Zeland, but the language documented is not noted.
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