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Collection ID RV1
Title Blablanga (Solomon Islands)
Description Audio recordings of Blablanga (also known as Blanga) spoken in the Soloman Islands. Includes word lists, elicited sentences, discussion of culture, history (both personal and general), discussion of daily life and tasks, directions, colours, stories, poems, riddles, explanation of traditional dace, song and conversation. Also recorded are a range of elicitation tasks including the pear story, map tasks, Bowerman's topological relations pictures, frog story, Johnston's 1989 Austronesian elicitation questionnaire, MPI containment task, MPI caused positions clips, mouse story and MPI walnut game.
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Radu Voica
Operator Radu Voica
Originating university University of London. School of Oriental and African Studies
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DOI 10.4225/72/56E976273EDFB
Cite as Radu Voica (collector), 2007. Blablanga (Solomon Islands). Collection RV1 at [Other Access].
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Radu Voica
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001A151107 Statements of agreement and consent Nason Haidu View
001AV020308 Pear Story Heleni Zalani and Tubi View
001V031207 The way to Guguha/Kolosori View
002A151107 Personal details Nason Haidu (I) and short discussion about Blanga and Popoheo View
002AV020308 Pear Story Nesta Ririana and Ramo Stephen View
002V031207 The Isabel Games View
003A151107 Tryon and Hackman's wordlist Northern Blanga - Nason Haidu View
003AV020308 Pear Story View
003V171207 Popoheo Choir (I) View
004A011207 Greetings - Nason Haidu View

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