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Collection ID ROHP1
Title Ranongga Oral History Project
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Debra McDougall
Originating university University of Melbourne
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DOI 10.26278/YSWY-5559
Cite as Debra McDougall (collector), 1986. Ranongga Oral History Project. Collection ROHP1 at [Other Access].
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Debra McDougall
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861 Ranongga Oral History, Tape 1: Stories from Gigiri Keza, Keti Mamu, and Vaibei (Buri, Pidaka village) View
8610 Ranongga Oral History, Tape 10: Stories and songs from John Kuero Kana, Titequla, and Zakea Lipaqeto (Lale) View
8611 Ranongga Oral History, Tape 11: Stories from Maqipuke, Lopeti Aruparanga, Steven Livai, Opeti Buka (Keara) View
862 Ranongga Oral History, Tape 7: Birthing practices discussed by women of Buri and other stories View
863 Ranongga Oral History, Tape 3: Historical tales and folk tales from Gigiri Keza of Buri and Mak Alesasa View
865 Ranongga Oral History, Tape 5: Accounts of respectful living, childbirth practices, and other stories from Keara village View
867 Ranongga Oral History, Tape 5: Stories of sacred sites in Kubokota area from John Pavukera, Silion Vaibei, Tikera, and clan origins and chiefly succession from George Hilly View
868 Ranongga Oral History, Tape 8: Custom songs and dances from John Wesley Paleo of Pienuna View
869 Ranongga Oral History, Tape 9: Obselete mourning and other practices from Jekop Kolin and a folk tale from Pita Minu of Keara village View
VAIB Ranongga Oral History View

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