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Title Fourau language project
Description Documentation of a Solomon island language, Fourau, in a field methods class at the University of Melbourne. Working with Nancy Fugui, the native speaker of Fourau language. The project explores several aspects of the language, including phonetics, grammar, lexicons, and semantics.
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Rachel Nordlinger
Originating university University of Melbourne
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DOI 10.26278/JSZ6-7562
Cite as Rachel Nordlinger (collector), 2021. Fourau language project. Collection RN4 at [Open Access].
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Fourau_FLEx Fieldworks Backup File View
LLU20210804 Solomon islands information, body parts and kinship terms View
LLU20210810 Fourau verbs, animal names, particles and demonstratives View
LLU20210811 Fourau food and the 'bii' oven View
LLU20210817 Fourau food, counting and reflexive paradigm View
LLU20210818 Making cassava putting, nominal modifier/adjectival predicates, personal pronoun and TAM View
LLU20210824 Betel nut text, TAM, negation and adjectives View
LLU20210825 Talking about the 'bii' oven View
LLU20210831 Gosile' text and song session 1 View
LLU20210901 Grammatical information and recipe text checking View

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