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Collection ID RL2
Title Oksapmin (Papua New Guinea)
Description Oksap 2004 Texts collected in Tekin, Sandaun Province, 2004, by Robyn Loughnane in the Oksap language. Includes myth, cultural discussion, MPI reciprocals task, audio for dictionary entries and word lists.
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Robyn Loughnane
Originating university University of Melbourne
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Region / village TekIn Station, Sandaun Province
DOI 10.4225/72/56E9760AD84D8
Cite as Robyn Loughnane (collector), 2004. Oksapmin (Papua New Guinea). Collection RL2 at [Open Access].
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Robyn Loughnane
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200501 4 mythical stories by: Dasyal, Tapsut and Tilit (2) View
200502 4 stories: Dasyal (Dogs ) 27-10-05; Julie (Today) 28-10-05; Julie (Yesterday) 28-10-05; Julie (Waterfall) 16-11-05 View
200503 Singsing; Mammal names; Dasyal (Famine); Dasyal (Today) View
200504 MPI Reciprocals vido elicitation with Miset Apipnock View
200505 Tapsut (Dahaplan); Tilit (Men's house); Henna (MPI reciprocals) View
200506 Max Elit (5 brothers) 20-10-05; Henna (Today) 2-11-05; Henna (Yesterday) 2-11-05 View
200507 Julie (Now) 06-11-05; Preaching 23-11-05; Tilit (Pig) 15-12-05; Tilit (Snake) 15-12-05 View
200508 Max Elit (Cassowary); Bitel Palmal (Eagle) View
200509 Julie and Joyce (Pig); Pesen (5 brothers); Dasyal (Traditional values) View
200510 Tapsut (Hohom clan); Tilit (Boy turns to man); Tilit (Dahaplan); Julie (Women's house) View

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