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Title Enga (PNG)
Description Recordings related to Roderic Lacey's PhD Dissertation, 'Oral traditions as history: An exploration of oral sources among the Enga of the New Guinea Highlands’, 1971- 1974' (ANUA 276)
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Roderic Lacey
Operator Rosey Billington
Originating university Australian National University
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DOI 10.4225/72/56E975FFBED89
Cite as Roderic Lacey (collector), 1972. Enga (PNG). Collection RJL1 at [Open Access].
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001 Mr. Eremas Tolik - Experience Before and After The War View
002 Sangai Nemango titi Pingi 2nd performance - Irelya View
003 Pumalini witnesses at Birip and Yokota and aspects of Pumalini history View
004 Australian patrols in the Southern Highlands View
005 Paul Wohlt, Yuu Kuia from Yumbisa (Waka Valley) - Time of Darkness View
006 Ambaipu of Kamareware, Sangai pii Kundis (copy of RJL1-057 Side B) View
007 Proceedings of Sangai by Kia Oldman View
008 Sangai Nemongo, Lino performance - Kundis View
009 Lau Lomondo - Enga Mata Katenge Mulitaka View
010 Kandep Sandalu Nemangos, Singsing View

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