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Title Lakado, Dancing
Description Lakado, Dancing; Item contains instrumental music.
Origination date 2004-07-06
Origination date free form
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Ros Dunlop
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Language as given Mambae/Tetun
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Region / village Holarua, Same/Manufai
Originating university University of Sydney
Operator Ros Dunlop
Data Categories instrumental music
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Roles Francesca Da Costa : performer
Francesco Da Costa : performer
Emile de Suz : performer
Cladino Fernandez : performer
Sabrina Nunu : performer
DOI 10.4225/72/56FA1A7E09276
Cite as Ros Dunlop (collector), Francesca Da Costa (performer), Francesco Da Costa (performer), Emile de Suz (performer), Cladino Fernandez (performer), Sabrina Nunu (performer), 2004. Lakado, Dancing. QUICKTIME/MP4. RD1-007 at
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RD1-007-Natabora_01.mp4 video/mp4 2.83 MB 00:00:18.539 video/quicktime 202 MB 00:03:29.159
RD1-007-Natabora_02.mp4 video/mp4 29.4 MB 00:03:29.173 video/quicktime 182 MB 00:03:08.919
RD1-007-Natabora_03.mp4 video/mp4 26.4 MB 00:03:08.927 video/quicktime 547 MB 00:09:27.480
RD1-007-Natabora_04.mp4 video/mp4 79.1 MB 00:09:27.488 video/quicktime 34.1 MB 00:00:35.240
RD1-007-Natabora_05.mp4 video/mp4 5.13 MB 00:00:35.243 video/quicktime 540 MB 00:09:19.759
RD1-007-Natabora_06.mp4 video/mp4 78.2 MB 00:09:19.764 video/quicktime 285 MB 00:04:54.959
RD1-007-Natabora_07.mp4 video/mp4 41.1 MB 00:04:54.975 video/quicktime 24 MB 00:00:23.760
RD1-007-Natabora_08.mp4 video/mp4 3.52 MB 00:00:23.765 video/quicktime 259 MB 00:04:28.160
RD1-007-Natabora_09.mp4 video/mp4 37.6 MB 00:04:28.180 video/quicktime 5.44 MB 00:00:04.639
RD1-007-Natabora_10.mp4 video/mp4 976 KB 00:00:04.650 video/quicktime 2.27 MB 00:00:02.0
RD1-007-Natabora_11.mp4 video/mp4 549 KB 00:00:02.4 video/quicktime 14.8 MB 00:00:15.439
RD1-007-Natabora_12.mp4 video/mp4 2.26 MB 00:00:15.445 video/quicktime 416 MB 00:07:10.839
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Collection Information
Collection ID RD1
Collection title Music from Timor-Leste
Description Video recordings of music from Timor-Leste (also known as East Timor). Music included from a range of languages including Mambae, Kemak, Tetun, Tetun Terik, Bikili, Fataluka, Meto, English, Bunak, Makadade, Makili, Makasai, Fataluka, Lovaya, Bakeno, Tokadadem, Instruments used include voice, guitar, violin, babadok, stones, tohi, gong, cow horn, bells, auu, fui, lakado, metal mouth instruments and keyboards. Some recordings also include interviews.

Ros Dunlop's book which came out of this research:
Published by TEKEE MEDIA (2012, Sydney)
ISBN: 9780646581835
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