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Title Bantu Jarawan Mbula-Bwazza Mbula Kulli
Origination date 2007-06-28
Origination date free form
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Zachariah Yoder
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Language as given Mbula
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Dialect Mbula
Region / village
Originating university Summer Institute of Linguistics
Data Categories primary text
Data Types Sound
Discourse type
DOI 10.4225/72/570295A6C40F3
Cite as Zachariah Yoder (collector), 2007. Bantu Jarawan Mbula-Bwazza Mbula Kulli. MPEG/VND.WAV. RB5-Bantu_Jarawan_MbulaBwa_Mbula3 at
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RB5-Bantu_Jarawan_MbulaBwa_Mbula3-002_02.mp3 audio/mpeg 1.3 MB 00:01:25.316
RB5-Bantu_Jarawan_MbulaBwa_Mbula3-002_02.wav audio/vnd.wav 47.1 MB 00:01:25.310
RB5-Bantu_Jarawan_MbulaBwa_Mbula3-004_04.mp3 audio/mpeg 7.67 MB 00:08:23.562
RB5-Bantu_Jarawan_MbulaBwa_Mbula3-004_04.wav audio/vnd.wav 277 MB 00:08:23.548
RB5-Bantu_Jarawan_MbulaBwa_Mbula3-006_06.mp3 audio/mpeg 9.7 MB 00:10:36.890
RB5-Bantu_Jarawan_MbulaBwa_Mbula3-006_06.wav audio/vnd.wav 350 MB 00:10:36.876
RB5-Bantu_Jarawan_MbulaBwa_Mbula3-008_08.mp3 audio/mpeg 12.4 MB 00:13:34.524
RB5-Bantu_Jarawan_MbulaBwa_Mbula3-008_08.wav audio/vnd.wav 448 MB 00:13:34.509
RB5-Bantu_Jarawan_MbulaBwa_Mbula3-12.mp3 audio/mpeg 6.03 MB 00:06:36.199
RB5-Bantu_Jarawan_MbulaBwa_Mbula3-12.wav audio/vnd.wav 218 MB 00:06:36.170
RB5-Bantu_Jarawan_MbulaBwa_Mbula3-14.mp3 audio/mpeg 6.06 MB 00:06:38.79
RB5-Bantu_Jarawan_MbulaBwa_Mbula3-14.wav audio/vnd.wav 219 MB 00:06:38.74
RB5-Bantu_Jarawan_MbulaBwa_Mbula3-16.mp3 audio/mpeg 8.25 MB 00:09:01.779
RB5-Bantu_Jarawan_MbulaBwa_Mbula3-16.wav audio/vnd.wav 298 MB 00:09:01.759
RB5-Bantu_Jarawan_MbulaBwa_Mbula3-18.mp3 audio/mpeg 2.22 MB 00:02:25.842
RB5-Bantu_Jarawan_MbulaBwa_Mbula3-18.wav audio/vnd.wav 80.3 MB 00:02:25.812
RB5-Bantu_Jarawan_MbulaBwa_Mbula3-20.mp3 audio/mpeg 8.22 MB 00:09:00.3
RB5-Bantu_Jarawan_MbulaBwa_Mbula3-20.wav audio/vnd.wav 297 MB 00:08:59.995
RB5-Bantu_Jarawan_MbulaBwa_Mbula3-22.mp3 audio/mpeg 11 MB 00:12:03.721
RB5-Bantu_Jarawan_MbulaBwa_Mbula3-22.wav audio/vnd.wav 398 MB 00:12:03.552
RB5-Bantu_Jarawan_MbulaBwa_Mbula3-24.mp3 audio/mpeg 3.97 MB 00:04:20.571
RB5-Bantu_Jarawan_MbulaBwa_Mbula3-24.wav audio/vnd.wav 143 MB 00:04:20.565
RB5-Bantu_Jarawan_MbulaBwa_Mbula3-26.mp3 audio/mpeg 2.76 MB 00:03:01.158
RB5-Bantu_Jarawan_MbulaBwa_Mbula3-26.wav audio/vnd.wav 99.8 MB 00:03:01.153
RB5-Bantu_Jarawan_MbulaBwa_Mbula3-28.mp3 audio/mpeg 3.87 MB 00:04:14.40
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Collection Information
Collection ID RB5
Collection title Niger-Congo field materials
Description Niger-Congo field materials, collected by Roger Blench under the supervision of Dr David Crozier (UK; retired). Work is underway to collect further wordlists under this programme.
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Access Information
Edit access Nick Thieberger
Roger Blench
Andrew Tanner
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Data access conditions Open (subject to agreeing to PDSC access conditions)
Data access narrative

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