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Title Bantu Coastal_Bantu Bagyeli & Kwasio
Description Collectors listed as: Roger Blench, Marieke Martin, Dan Duke
Origination date 2009-02-18
Origination date free form
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Roger Blench
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Language as given Bagyeli, Kwasio
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Dialect Bagyeli, Kwasio
Region / village
Originating university Kay Williamson Educational Foundation (Cambridge)
Operator Marieke Martin
Data Categories primary text
Data Types Sound
Discourse type
DOI 10.4225/72/570294C42A28E
Cite as Roger Blench (collector), 2009. Bantu Coastal_Bantu Bagyeli & Kwasio. MPEG/X-WAV. RB5-Bantu_Coastal_Bagyeli_Kwasio at
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RB5-Bantu_Coastal_Bagyeli_Kwasio-Bagyeli_tree_elicitation_1.mp3 audio/mpeg 56.7 MB 01:02:03.179
RB5-Bantu_Coastal_Bagyeli_Kwasio-Bagyeli_tree_elicitation_1.wav audio/x-wav 2 GB 01:02:03.159
RB5-Bantu_Coastal_Bagyeli_Kwasio-STE000.mp3 audio/mpeg 65.1 MB 01:11:07.529
RB5-Bantu_Coastal_Bagyeli_Kwasio-STE000.wav audio/x-wav 2.29 GB 01:11:07.510
RB5-Bantu_Coastal_Bagyeli_Kwasio-STE001.mp3 audio/mpeg 7.96 MB 00:08:43.24
RB5-Bantu_Coastal_Bagyeli_Kwasio-STE001.wav audio/x-wav 288 MB 00:08:43.15
RB5-Bantu_Coastal_Bagyeli_Kwasio-STE002_2.mp3 audio/mpeg 47.1 MB 00:51:25.639
RB5-Bantu_Coastal_Bagyeli_Kwasio-STE002_2.wav audio/x-wav 1.66 GB 00:51:25.610
RB5-Bantu_Coastal_Bagyeli_Kwasio-STE002.mp3 audio/mpeg 56.8 MB 01:02:04.860
RB5-Bantu_Coastal_Bagyeli_Kwasio-STE002.wav audio/x-wav 2 GB 01:02:04.829
RB5-Bantu_Coastal_Bagyeli_Kwasio-STE003.mp3 audio/mpeg 34.2 MB 00:37:23.30
RB5-Bantu_Coastal_Bagyeli_Kwasio-STE003.wav audio/x-wav 1.2 GB 00:37:23.19
RB5-Bantu_Coastal_Bagyeli_Kwasio-STE004.mp3 audio/mpeg 56.9 MB 01:02:08.280
RB5-Bantu_Coastal_Bagyeli_Kwasio-STE004.wav audio/x-wav 2 GB 01:02:08.260
RB5-Bantu_Coastal_Bagyeli_Kwasio-STE005.mp3 audio/mpeg 300 KB 00:00:19.96
RB5-Bantu_Coastal_Bagyeli_Kwasio-STE005.wav audio/x-wav 10.7 MB 00:00:19.82
RB5-Bantu_Coastal_Bagyeli_Kwasio-STE006.mp3 audio/mpeg 2.13 KB 00:00:00.86
RB5-Bantu_Coastal_Bagyeli_Kwasio-STE006.wav audio/x-wav 283 KB 00:00:00.52
RB5-Bantu_Coastal_Bagyeli_Kwasio-STE007.mp3 audio/mpeg 244 KB 00:00:15.542
RB5-Bantu_Coastal_Bagyeli_Kwasio-STE007.wav audio/x-wav 8.77 MB 00:00:15.516
RB5-Bantu_Coastal_Bagyeli_Kwasio-STE008.mp3 audio/mpeg 226 KB 00:00:14.367
RB5-Bantu_Coastal_Bagyeli_Kwasio-STE008.wav audio/x-wav 8.14 MB 00:00:14.362
RB5-Bantu_Coastal_Bagyeli_Kwasio-STE009.mp3 audio/mpeg 16.3 MB 00:17:51.569
RB5-Bantu_Coastal_Bagyeli_Kwasio-STE009.wav audio/x-wav 589 MB 00:17:51.549
RB5-Bantu_Coastal_Bagyeli_Kwasio-STE010.mp3 audio/mpeg 172 KB 00:00:10.945
25 files -- 12.4 GB -- --

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Collection Information
Collection ID RB5
Collection title Niger-Congo field materials
Description Niger-Congo field materials, collected by Roger Blench under the supervision of Dr David Crozier (UK; retired). Work is underway to collect further wordlists under this programme.
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Edit access Nick Thieberger
Roger Blench
Andrew Tanner
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Data access conditions Open (subject to agreeing to PDSC access conditions)
Data access narrative

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